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15 August 2012

Breaking News! Harry Reid Is Guilty Of Attempting To Kill People At The Family Research Council!

M(?)2RB:  Gucci Mane (...if you want to call it "muzak" ... I'm warning you now.  The language is rough and song sucks, but there is one line in it that made it perfect for this post).

"Lock me up.
Throw away the key.
I ain't afraid to fuck somebody in his ass."

- Senator Harry Reid

Sorry, Harry, but I think that you will be the catcher and not the pitcher.  The only people that fair worse in prison than politicians and police officers are paedophiles … paedophile being the label given to define a certain type of vile predator, which I understand – from "credible sources" – also applies to you.

In this case, 2 strikes and you're out … you'd might as well be "proud”!

- Sophie



I have been told by a very credible source that Harry Reid paid the shooter, who attempt to commit mass murder at the Family Research Council today.  Unfortunately, the shooter got the address wrong - he was supposed to go shoot up the Department of Veterans Affairs at 801 **I** Street, NW, as a deranged, veteran of the "This War Is Lost!" in Iraq, Tea Party member, but because of the "Republicans' savage budget cuts," he was not able to get his new eyeglasses and thought the address was 8801 **G** Street, NW ... I mean, it could happen to anyone.

Anyhoo, my source is "infinitely credible." I demand that Eric Holder arrest him immediately for solicitation to commit first-degree murder, accessory to attempted, first-degree murder, terrorism, civil rights violations, and hate crimes.  In keeping with the new ReidTard legal standard of "guilty until you prove yourself innocent," it will be up to Senator Harry Reid to prove his innocence in this matter. 

Furthermore, because of the heinousness and seriousness of the crimes, I submit that he should be denied bond and have no access to either pomegranates or cowboy poetry while awaiting trial.

Please join me in flooding the switchboards and servers of the Senate and Department of Justice in demanding immediate justice in this matter.  We cannot allow this "first-class rat, incompetent shit-stirrer" of a man to smell up the corridors of our government for one second longer.  In addition to his criminal, malicious, and corrupt behaviour, he is detrimental to tourists and tourism.


Fuck you back, buddy!

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