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16 August 2012

"D" Doesn't Stand For Democrat -- It Stands For "D'Oh!"

"In essence, the Medicare cuts contained in Obama’s health-care reforms reduce the pay of providers within the system"

- Kizarvexious, Smart: Ryan to Campaign With 80-Year-Old Mom in Florida,, 16 August 2012

And, providers pass it on to you and me.

It is the same thing that has caused private health insurance premiums to skyrocket. Medicare and Medicaid spending accounts for approximately 50% of all healthcare spending in the US; however, it pays much less than 100% and, in many cases, the healthcare provider takes a loss.  Thus, not only are taxpayers paying for Medicare/Medicaid, they are also paying for increases in healthcare and health insurance as a result of both programmes.

Healthcare providers aren't going to eat $716 billion, except in "My Progressive, Little Ponyland," which is, evidently, where you reside.

If OPEC raises the price of a barrel of oil, does it affect the price you pay at the pump?  If the price of steel increases, does it affect construction prices?  If the government cut ethanol subsidies, what would happen to the price of a gallon of ethanol?  Hint:  Without subsidies, the price of a gallon of ethanol would be around $9 -- don't read into this that I support these stupid subsidies.  I don't.

Further, as the CBO could tell ya (as it already has told the Democrats), the money they cut “would be used to pay for other spending and therefore would not enhance the ability of the government to pay for future Medicare benefits.”

Anyhoo, the idea that Obama's cuts to Medicare aren't going to affect anyone but "providers" is just asinine.  D'oh!

PS:  Attempting "Keeping Up With Allidunce" will not land you your own reality show.

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