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14 October 2013

Pic of the Day: This Is What Democracy Looks Like In Obama's Amerika

But, these were 'legal' flags/signs at last week's illegal immigration rally...

Now, kindly, SHUT THE FUCK UP.


Anonymous said...

The cops were in the right, IMHO. Flags on poles/sticks are in the list of prohibited items on the National Mall.

You are free to bring a flag but not if it can be used as a weapon. Cops did the right thing.

I say this as a moderate opposed to Obamacare and the shutdown.

Predictable-History said...

So, why did they allow flags at the immigration rally?

Anonymous said...

The flags at the immigration rally weren't American flags. /s

Anonymous said...

The flags at the pro-immigration rally comported with the requirements that they not have poles or sticks on them.

Also, I find it hilarious that teabaggers are opposed to immigration reform even though it would actually make immigration more regulated, not less.

Predictable-History said...

Sure their flags comported with policy...or not.

Listen, I came to this country LEGALLY. I expect other to follow the law, as well.

More regulated?

How about we do this?


Thanks for playing.

Predictable-History said...

Yeah, I know. You're SHOCKED that illegal immigrants broke the law.////

Axe said...

It takes about 30 seconds to find a picture of someone holding a big stick at the pro-illegal-alien rally.

I'm so tired of idiots pulling "facts" from their asses.

Anonymous said...

Most of those flags have small handheld sticks which are legal.

It is the large ones that are prohibited items. Look it up.

And stop with the xenophobic hostility to immigrants, documented or undocumented. They are here to work and they are coming from hardship you will never be able to imagine. Show some decency.

Predictable-History said...

They are no different. Would you like more examples?


So, shut the fuck up with your idiocy about immigrants and xenophobia.

Allison Hardy said...

"Moderate" annonomousie commenter uses degenerate sexual imagery to reflexively denigrate conservatives.

Claims xenophobia from the use of actual photographs from the recent amnesty rally.

Claims new skoo' laws (not those stupid old skoo' laws we never enforce) will make everything sooo much better.

Claims "most" of those amnesty flags had incredibly small sticks, while the briefest perusal shows at least one javalin-sized flagpole in each photo.

Commenter jus' took yo' pants down and SPANKED you, mah sistah.

In Bizarro World.