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15 October 2013

As I've Repeatedly Warned: British Muslim Leader: In An 'Ideal World' Gays Would Be Executed…

From GSN (via WeaselZippers):

Gays would be executed in an ideal world, a leader of the Muslim community in Luton, England has said.

Abdul Qadeer Baksh made the comment during an interview with BBC Three Counties Radio.

He was debating extremism with presenter Olly Mann and the former leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson who has just stepped down saying the organization he founded to tackle Islamic fundamentalism has become too extremist.

Baksh argued his comment only applied to an ‘ideal society’ which he sees as a Muslim country run by Sharia law – not secular Britain.

He said: ‘When I say “ideal society” I mean Islamic society, not a western secular society like we live in here.

‘At the end of the day every moderate Muslim holds this view as well. Every moderate Muslim holds these are the punishments in Islamic society.

He said Sharia wouldn’t be forced on the UK.

‘What I would like to see is peace and tranquility, all of us to get on together. If Sharia came to this country it would only come by the people’s desire for it.’

I've only issued warnings about this for, like, ever.  The LGBTQQIAAPs in the Western world, even those in the US, had better WAKE. THE. FUCK. UP. PDQ.

More homosexuals are beaten in every cosmopolitan area of Europe, including live-and-let-live Amsterdam, every year than in the entire south.

As I wrote, in Norway: A Tolerant, Inclusive, Diverse, Multicultural Society For Everyone Except..., the leftist Norwegian Labour government’s Ministry of Children, Equality, and Social Inclusion named Mahdi Hassan, a noted homophobe, as the 2009 Role Model of the Year.  He looks like a very nice chap.  Of course, Mein Kampf probably looked like a good book in Germany in the 1920s judging by the cover.
Hassan with Anniken Huitfeldt. 
Hassan told the newspaper Arbeidets Rett that he wants a ban on homosexuality, based on the Qur'an. Does he support the death penalty for gays? That's 'up to each individual country to decide, but, in general, yes.'
Was he condemned? Needless to say, the homosexual community wasn’t thrilled, but other than that he was cheered with the Socialists applauding loudly.
 'There is freedom of speech in Norway and in the Tynset Socialist Left Party we consider it unproblematic that Mahdi is opposed in principle to homosexuality. It is in accordance with his religion,' said Stein Petter Løkken, leader of the Socialist Left Party in Hassan's home kommune of Tynset.   Stein, Stalin had a name for you, 'Useful Idiot.'  You wear the dunce cap well.

In November 2007 during an Oslo debate, at which the deputy chairman of Norway’s Islamic Council, Asghar Ali, was asked if he would refuse to reject the death penalty for gays. He refused.  The head of the Islamic Council, which represents 80,000 Muslims), Senaid Kobilica was asked where he stood on the question, he responded that he couldn’t possibly give a definitive answer “until he got a ruling from the European Fatwa Council, but that homosexuality was against the teachings of the Qur’an and execution is the proscribed punishment.”  If it makes you feel any better, Kobilica did say that he was '100 per cent certain that the Council will not come out in favour of something which conflicts with European law.' By which he means, that while the death penalty for homosexuals is, indeed, an orthodox Islamic position — one about which the Fatwa Council’s head, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has himself written sympathetically — Western Muslim leaders, in accordance with the Koran, prefer in such controversial cases not to challenge infidel law…for now.

'It isn’t possible to live homosexually and at the same time say that one practices Islam. These are two incompatible things… Homosexuality goes against what Islam stands for, and therefore it can’t be combined.'
- Senaid Kobilica

After the brouhaha in 2007, it emerged that Asghar Ali not only was deputy chairman of the Islamic Council, but was also on the board of the Oslo Arbeidersamfunn, the largest and most influential association within Norway’s ruling Labour Party. As Bruce Bawer reported, when asked about Ali’s views, the head of the Oslo Arbeidersamfunn, Anne Cathrine Berger, lamented that some people “can’t see the difference between a board member’s views and the organisation’s views.” Despite scattered calls for his dismissal, Ali remained on the board.

Recently, a gay couple was attacked for holding hands; they were told that gays were not welcome because the area in which they were walking in was 'Muslim territory.' On another occasion, a gay couple was ejected from a kebab restaurant because they were kissing.  These as well as other incidents led to a debate in the major newspapers about the existence of morality police, who strove to obtain social control based on Islamic values in multi-ethnic communities.

Kaltham Lie, who was tortured for his sexual orientation by Saddam Hussein and fled Iraq for Norway in 1992, says that it was too difficult to go to the mosque.  As Norway’s first openly gay Muslim, he now stays away from the Muslim community, especially in Oslo.  'It's very important for me to be open and not to try to hide. Somebody must stand up for the world to advance. Oslo can be difficult, but we he also a lot of positive things, even in Grønland.'
He attends a Christian church with his new husband, Knut Asprusten. '[H]e was with me in church. Even if we have different religions, we both believe in an open God. It doesn't cause us any problems,' said Asprusten.

In a country of 5 million people, where only 3% of the population is Muslim, there is only one openly Muslim lesbian:  Sara Azmeh Rasmussen.

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