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15 October 2013

Chart of the Day: Welfare Statistics

We have almost as many Americans on welfare as the entire populations of Sweden and Norway.

We have more people on food stamps than the entire country of Spain has people.

And, look at that last part.  Look at the number of states that make it more profitable to be on welfare than to work!

For all of the Left's faux outrage over one confederate flag at the WWII protest on Sunday and their screams that the Tea Party and associates want to return to slavery, they refuse to recognise one simple reality:  We already have slavery. Just look at what happened when the EBT system went down. The dependent slaves were lost when the massa prevented them from using their cheesecards.  Only a few were 'saved' by the 'evil' Wal-Mart.

Of all demographic groups, African-Americans should realise this the most considering their horrific history. Sure, maybe a white slaveowner isn’t beating them anymore, but they are still slaves if they’ve allowed themselves to become so dependent that they cannot even feed themselves without the plantation owner. No one even needs to beat them any longer. They are killing each other.  And, as even Tavis Smiley acknowledges, when Barack Obama leaves the White House, African-Americans will have lost ground in every economic indicator.

Of course, it is racist, bigoted, and a sign of no compassion to point this out. To the Left, ‘compassion’ equals slavery and slavery is freedom. Orwell only began to describe it.

It is so depressing and to try to talk people out of slavery only leads to charges of racism.

Welfare is bribery by the wealthy Left to keep the ‘weeds’ from moving into their guarded gardens. At the same time, it’s a form of extortion by those that receive it. Either pay us or we will soooo crab-grass your lawn that you’ll be praying to the Round-Up God for help.

The idea that welfare is 'compassion' and 'charity' is a destructive lie.

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