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03 June 2013

Wife of 'Bush-Appointee-So-He-Couldn't-Be-Behind-Some-Conservative-Bashing-In-His-Agency,' Doug Shulman, Former IRS Commissioner, Is An #Occupy Loon And Tea Party Basher. I'm Shocked! Not.

 Only the fringiest of the loons attended the 'Stop the NRA' march in Washington, as can be seen by the 'outstanding' turnout.  Unfortunately, one of those who did is married to the former IRS Commissioner, who was in charge when the agency illegally targeted conservative groups.

From GP:

So now we know…

Former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman’s wife Susan Anderson is a committed #Occupy loon.

She also hates the Tea Party – just like her husband!

Kerry Picket at Breitbart pulled together a few of Susan Anderson’s more memorable tweets from the past:

Promoting the communist #Occupy cause:

'DC, good morning!Come down to the Mall and tell your 99% story!…

— Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) December 6, 2011

Bashing the pro-American Tea Party–

'Bcause they were armed: in re violence @ MI union protest AFP Phillips says “we never in the tea party saw anything like a physical assault”'

— Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) December 11, 2012 

'Karl Rove, Crossroads, Get Money Out! #fairelections #rebuildthedream… 

— Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) June 20, 2012

And she hates the GOP too. What a shock.

'yes @ch3yl – prob with GOP they cn put lipstick on pig but pig still old racist + resistant 2 embrace fellow Americans 

— Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) August 30, 2012

Susan Anderson is the senior program adviser for Public Campaign, a far left organization that aims to dramatically reduce the role of big special interest money in American politics and especially money to conservative groups.


Here are some more...

'En route to airport after working 3 days 4 OFA, MiL just asks me If I know abt the Chrysler ads :) #Obama2012 

— Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) November 04, 2012

'Bcause they were armed: in re violence @ MI union protest AFP Phillips says "we never in the tea party saw anything like a physical assault"

—Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) December 11, 2012

Yet, they destroyed a tent, endangered lives, and have been charged.

'@samsteinhp: Head Start kids should just start complaining about the long tarmac delays they're dealing with” or cancer corpses.'

—  Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) April 26, 2013

#stopthenra rally in McPherson Sq 

—Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) April 25, 2013 

I posted on this pathetic rally back when it occurred.  To get an idea of how radical a loon she is, just see how few people joined her:

'As if Grover cared abt seniors poor + non ESL @ProPublica story abt Norquist others blocked return-free tax filing:'

— Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) March 29, 2013 

@sahilkapur Yes, GOP solution to health care crisis = donut holes for seniors, nada for rest of us

— Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) March 24, 2013 

'exactly! “@adambonin: Pages 67-68 of the RNC post-mortem can be reduced to "continue the gutting of campaign finance law."”

— Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) March 18, 2013 

'Why don't they shut up and create some jobs! Angry Old Rich Guys Who Hate Obama'… via @thedailybeast 

— Susan Anderson (@slandersonwdc) October 11, 2012

Noted once again:  'Bush-Appointee-So-He-Couldn't-Be-Behind-Some-Conservative-Bashing-In-His-Agency,' Doug Shulman, donated to the DNC in 2004, the year in which Bush was seeking reelection.  According to The Left, this is a perfectly logical act for a 'Republican,' who would never target Conservatives and groups opposed to a Democrat President's agenda.  

Without LibLogic™, life would be utterly boring.

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Predictable-History said...

Nick Nyhart, the CEO of a liberal organization that criticizes corporate campaign spending and employs the wife of former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, visited the White House seven times and had two visits with President Obama around the time that the Internal Revenue Service was targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny.

Nyhart, the president and CEO of Public Campaign, appears on the White House visitor logs seven times between September 16, 2009 and September 22, 2010.