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04 June 2013

MOBY Axelrod Should Pay Attention: To Thunderous Applause, Jay Leno Calls For Closing The IRS, Instead Of GITMO

Hmmm, David 'MOBY' Axelrod should pay attention...

(Via Newsbusters):   Media members thinking the Republicans are overplaying their hand with the Internal Revenue Service scandal should pay attention to what happened on NBC’s Tonight Show Monday.

When host Jay Leno joked that President Obama should close the IRS rather than the terrorist detention center in Guantanamo Bay, the audience erupted in thunderous applause :

JAY LENO: President Obama says he’s renewing his efforts to close Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay? How about closing the IRS? Why don’t we do that?

[Thunderous applause]

How about shipping the IRS to Guantanamo Bay? That’s what we, yes! That’s how you do it.

[Thunderous applause]

Well, more problems with the IRS. A new report has found that they spent $50 million on employee conferences and retreats in just two years. They would have investigated sooner, but it turns out, you know, they don’t belong to any conservative groups. So nobody really noticed. They didn’t really see it. A little odd, yeah.

But, but, but Americans aren’t interested in this ‘scandal’ and Republicans are going off of the cliff, dontcha know?

Flashback:  Appearing on MSNBC, singer and former civil rights icon Harry Belafonte told President Barack Obama how he should take control of the political debate. His answer? Jail opponents.

'That there should be this lingering infestation of really corrupt people who sit trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to Barack Obama, and I don’t know what more they want.  The only thing left for Barack Obama to do is to work like a third world dictator and just put all these guys in jail.'

- Harry Belafonte told the race-p1mp, Al Sharpton

Belafonte went on to claim that people, who work to keep government limited, taxes low and the country solvent, are 'violating the American desire.'

This is the true language of the Left HAL has demonstrated repeatedly here.

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amr said...

It has been suggested that senior IURS officials could be impeached. That is for cabinet secretaries, not sure that is applicable to lower ranks. Anyway, from Dr. Reynolds, Instapundit,
“I’m quite surprised that no one has mentioned Section 1203 of the Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, which mandates terminations of IRS employees who commit any of what are known in the Service as the 10 Deadly Sins.’ . . . At any rate, you’ll notice that several of these provisions could be applicable in the present instance, notably (b) (2), (b) (3) (A), and (b) (7). If I were Ms. Lerner, Mr. Miller (who relied heavily on 6103 in his testimony), or anyone in that chain, 1203 would be a huge concern. It is for every Service employee, which is why I and others were always very cautious about taking unapproved initiative in areas that skated close to 1203.”
Plus, why the delays should have been noticed by higher-ups: “To have a statutory or Internal Revenue Manual deadline like 270 days to process something and to blow past without consequences is inconceivable to me. The day that thing went overage, the manager gets a report, and the employee gets asked why. The manager would keep getting reports until it was fixed, and if it wasn’t fixed soon, the SAC would be on the phone, because he or she is getting the same report, and his or her performance report (and bonuses) is on the line.”