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04 June 2013

Pic of the Day: The Truth About Erdoğan's Turkey

Given the turmoil in Turkey and Erdoğan's statement that he is 'leading the Turkish Spring,' I thought that I'd bring back a photograph from a couple of years ago.  It is quite startlingly and says ALL that you need to know about the Erdoğan, his party -  AKP, and his friends.

This is the banner of one of the main Turkish groups behind the Gaza Freedom Flotilla movement, including the MV Mavi Marmara  incident, for which the Israelis stupidly paid $9 million at the demand of Erdoğan.  Just last month, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan brought the father of the slain men, who attempted to break the marine blockade, on his state visit to Washington in order to hand-deliver a letter to President Obama at the White House.  While this delivery was to President Obama was scotched at the last moment, the following should give you a better understanding of  just exactly who Erdoğan really is and what he wants:

His father now wants the U.S. government to sue Israel over the raid in which the IDF says its forces were defending themselves from what appeared to them to be an organized attack launched by passengers armed with knives and metal bars as the commandos boarded the ship.

Today’s Zaman reports:

Ahmet Dogan, who asked Erdoğan to deliver a letter to US President Barack Obama, joined Erdoğan’s delegation upon a request by the Turkish prime minister.

Dogan said Erdoğan told him: “I can give this letter [to him], but it is better if you give the letter to him yourself. I will include you among the members of the official delegation.”

Dogan also said the prime minister told him he should meet with Obama if they can arrange an appointment with him. The victim’s father said he described Furkan and wrote about his son’s life in the letter.

For the record, a video shows what happened aboard the MV Mavi Marmara and it was anything but a case of the 'evil, apartheid regime of Israel' attacking, without provocation, 'innocent men on a humanitarian mission.'

The  following is the banner waved at the return of the flotilla to Turkey by the people the MSM has called 'peace activists'

In Turkish, Ellerinize sağlık means 'congratulations on your good work.'

What else could it possibly mean to congratulate good work on the banner of a Nazi flag? 

One can only assume that these Turks would like to build on the 'good work' of Hitler and his genocidal Nazi Party.  Given the religion of the Turks and that of the intended target of their hatred, Israel, one can presume that they would like to finish the job started by Hitler.

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