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02 June 2013

Occupy Wall Street Doctor Indicted For Possession of Bomb-Making Materials, Illegal Weapons

Robert Rivera

A Ridgewood physician has been indicted on charges that he caused the risk of widespread damage by stashing large amounts of bomb-making materials at his home.

Roberto Rivera, 60, also is charged with the criminal possession of two Cobray M11 9mm assault rifles, a stun gun and a large-capacity ammunition magazine that authorities said were found at his home.

The 11-count indictment returned Wednesday by a grand jury in Bergen County also charges Rivera with possessing two other rifles and a .40-caliber handgun despite having been prohibited from possessing firearms because he had previously been committed to an institution for a mental disorder. Prosecutors declined comment on Friday about his commitment to a hospital.

Police said they responded to Rivera’s home on Nov. 16, 2012, on a hazardous-material report and found chemicals in his basement, prompting a Bergen County bomb squad and an FBI terrorism task force to join the search.

They said that as the search continued, they found large amounts of nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, sulfuric acid, calcium hypochlorite and potassium perchlorate — all chemicals that can be used in making explosives. They also said they found 10 pounds of thermite and 10 thermite lighters, which can be used to detonate bombs.

Prosecutors have not commented on Rivera’s motive in collecting the material, whether he had a specific plan or whether he acted alone or with a group. They did, however, say they found folders marked “revolution” and “anarchism” in his home, along with documents on how to make explosives.

Rivera also was quoted in a Bloomberg News report last year voicing his support for Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Obviously, the reporting out of New Jersey is incorrect. Only those ‘racist teabaggers’ are violent or potentially violent.

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