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04 June 2013

David 'MOBY' Axelrod Wants You Republicans To Know That You Are Taking A Serious Risk Investigating All Of These Scandals

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'There are clearly serious things that ought to be looked at, and the Congress has the right to look at them. And the question is just, will they overplay their hand? You know, if, Darrell Issa has torqued this thing up so high that he threatens to take the party over the cliff. And if I were Republicans, I would say to Issa, in the parlance of his old business, ‘please step away from that car.’ I think that there’s real danger here for them.'

- David 'MOBY' Axelrod,  MSNBC's Morning Joe, 4 June 2013

Once again, Dave…

Three-quarters of U.S. voters want a special prosecutor to investigate the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of Tea Party groups, according to a poll that showed a drop in President Barack Obama’s approval and trust ratings.

In the survey released today by Hamden, Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University, registered voters favored a special prosecutor by 76 percent to 17 percent. Those backing such a move included 63 percent of Democrats.

* 37 percent think the administration knew it was going on but didn’t initiate the policy

* Another 29 percent believe the White House directed the IRS to go after those groups

* Only 24 percent says the White House had absolutely nothing to do with what the IRS was doing

Almost half of Americans say President Barack Obama isn’t telling the truth when he says he didn’t know the Internal Revenue Service was giving extra scrutiny to the applications of small government groups seeking tax-exempt status.

Forty-seven percent of Americans say they don’t believe Obama compared with 40 percent who say he is being truthful, according to a Bloomberg National Poll of 1,002 adults conducted May 31 through June 3.

More than half of political independents — 53 percent — say Obama’s explanation that he learned it from media reports is untrue, while 34 percent say they believe him.

Here’s the IRS IG on 3 June 2013:

‘During the Nixon administration, there were attempts to use the Internal Revenue Services in manners that might be comparable in terms of misusing it. I’m not saying the actions taken here are comparable.


– J Russell George, Inspector General of the Treasury, 3 June 2013

If the administration wanted all of this to go away and they had nothing to fear from the complete and full disclosure of ALL of the facts and evidence, President Obama would do what President Bush did in l'affaire de Valerie Plame: ORDER EVERYONE IN THE ADMINISTRATION TO COOPERATE WITH INVESTIGATORS.

I wonder why he has not?

In the past three election cycles, the Center for Responsive Politics’ database shows about $474,000 in political donations by individuals listing “IRS” or “Internal Revenue Service” as their employer.

This money heavily favors Democrats: $247,000 to $145,000, with the rest going to political action committees. (Oddly, half of those GOP donations come from only two IRS employees, one in Houston and one in Annandale, Va.)

IRS employees also gave $67,000 to the PAC of the National Treasury Employees Union, which in turn gave more than 96 percent of its contributions to Democrats. Add the PAC cash to the individual donations and IRS employees favor Democrats 2-to-1.

The Cincinnati office where the political targeting took place is much more partisan, judging by FEC filings. More than 75 percent of the campaign contributions from that office in the past three elections went to Democrats. In 2012, every donation traceable to employees at that office went to either President Obama or liberal Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

If Obama wants to ‘get to the bottom of this and hold those responsible accountable,’ why doesn’t he appoint a Special Prosecutor? It would take the wind of the House Republicans’ sail and would do what he claims that he wants to do. Besides, when even 63% of DEMOCRATS want a Special Prosecutor appointed, what’s the downside for an ‘innocent’ White House?

Why is Lois Stonewall Lerner still on the Federal payroll? Obama was interested in ‘accepting her resignation,’ but Stonewall REFUSED to resign. That so many fail to comprehend the serious of the entire IRS scandal and in Lerner’s invocation of the Fifth Amendment is startling.

Yes, CITIZEN Lois Stonewall Lerner has a constitutional right to not incriminate herself, but FEDERAL EMPLOYEE Lois Stonewall Lerner does not have a constitutional right to a Federal job after doing so. How can Americans ever trust their government when those responsible for wrong-doing, incompetence, and/or unethical behaviour are not held accountable and still get all of their generous benefits?

On a larger level, for the majority of Americans, the Internal Revenue Redistribution/Revenge Service is by far the part of the Federal government with which they have the most contact and they already think that the IRS is out of control, unfair, unbending, subjective, grotesquely intrusive, oppressive and one of the biggest threats to their own financial well-being.

So, for the Obama Administration and its apologists, please continue to claim that the IRS thingie is not a scandal, the Republicans are ‘overreaching,’ and that it was only an operation conceived, planned, and implemented by a few ‘rogue employees’ in Cincinnati. Please, luv.

It burns so good…for you.

And, Americans ARE paying attention.

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