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29 January 2013

The New Republic Pushes Fake Picture of Obama Skeet Shooting…Then Blames Twitter. (UPDATED: Original Golf Photo Included)

President Obama recently told the New Republic magazine, ”Up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time.” Today, after some suggested the president’s claim might not be true, the New Republic tweeted a picture supposedly proving that Obama has gone skeet shooting:

@tnr: PHOTO: Obama shooting skeet at Camp David. … (from  )


obama golf real

Blames Twitter.

If they didn't get the photo from the White House site, as they claimed, where DID they get it?  Photoshop?  Axelrod?  Dingy Harry's imaginary friends?

"Credible journalism" at its best. 

Update: Per J.R. Salzman, the idiots at Politico also fell for it.  Show of hands"  Who's surprised?

Egg meet face, sycophantic ObamaFirsters.  Talk about some "FAUX NEWS"!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. That pose of our Dear Leader is so clearly a golfing posture- they've shopped out the other hand grasping the club in this one, where he's obviously just swung and is watching his ball.
Seriously, do the folks in the lefty media neither golf NOR shoot?

Buck Ofama said...

Hilarious. I hope he handles a golf club better than that.

The Eight Bit One said...

Hmm... no eye protection, no hearing protection... identical pose, clothing and facial expression (what little you can make out) to the golf photo... Jeeze people, if you're gonna lie to people at least make it a *convincing* lie, how about?

Anonymous said...

Kind of like his birth certificate... a fake