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30 January 2013

AR-15s Increase, Homicide Rate Decreases

AR-15s-to-Homicide Rate From ALL Causes in the US:

1994 (AWB signed into law):

# of AR-15s:  ~1.5 million

Homicide Rate:  9.0

2009 (no AWB):

# of AR-15s:  3.26 million

Homicide Rate:  5.0

But, but, but AR-15's are skeery looking so we have to ban them!!!

PS:  Since President Obama took office, federal gun prosecutions have decreased by about 45% from the Bush administration, going from about 11,000 weapons cases to 6,000.

So, obviously, we need MORE GUN CONTROL LAWS for Obama NOT TO ENFORCE!

Lib logic, it's a special thang! 

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