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31 January 2013

ObamaHaters: The Fire Doesn't Melt Steel Edition

“Fire doesn’t melt steel.  /"

Electrongod on January 30, 2013 at 10:40 PM

My Dearest, Mr Electrongod:

Sir, why do you hate OUR young, noble, brilliant President so much?

Only hate-hate-haters, Birthers, and nucking futters would accuse OUR President of covering up the greatest conspiracy since the CIA, MIC, KGB, CuIS, NVA, FBI, Jewish Mafia, Marcello, LBJ, Ed Clark, Billy Sol Estes, Clifton Carter, the Pentagon, USPHHS, Cutter Labs, the Secret Service, DPD, Howard Hunt, L, Ron Hubbard, the Black Panthers, SDS, PLO, Mossad, Morgus the Magnificient, Dr No, VRWC, Santa Claus, Bugs Bunny, George Jetson, Morticia Addams, Cousin Itt, Uncle Fester, Napoleon Solo, Illya Kullyakin, Phyllis Diller, the Rat Pack in retaliation for giving Marilyn a lethal Seconal enema, Major Bennett Marco, Raymond Shaw, Robert McNamara, John Seigenthaler, Sr., Mary Jo Kopechne, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Micky Dolenz, Gary Powers, Elvis Presley, KKK, NSDAP, and a draq queen named Lypsinka conspired to kill President Kennedy for George W Bush, the man that gave us the worst recession since the Great Depression, lied us into a war of choice in Iraq, disappeared Saddam’s WMD stockpile that even our Vice-Preezy said were catalogued by the weapons inspectors, killed innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, tortured poor, misunderstood terrorists, blew up the levees in New Orleans, and let Osama bin Laden go scot-free!

Only an unpatriotic traitor or the criminally insane would think Obama would cover up THAT for Bush! When I talked about all of that nano-thermite and “fire doesn’t melt steel” stuff, it was only because Darth Cheney was using MK-ULTRA on me to make me THINK that 9/11 was a huge conspiracy. It was a false flag-false flag conspiracy to discredit dissenters like me by making us look like foolish moonbats jacked up on a$$hattery.

It took the election of President Obama for me to understand that I was completely MIXED UP about my conspiracy theories. MY President would NEVER keep anything like that from the American people. So, the FACT that he hasn’t told us that Bush was in on 9/11 means that Bush must have been telling the truth…but only about that so don’t start getting all excited or something. He STILL sucked. He is STILL a war criminal. He STILL should be on trial in The Hague for crimes against humanity and Gaia.

Barack Obama/Michelle Obama 2016!


Rosie O’Donnell

Truthers:  Do you see what I did here?  If you believe that 9/11 was an inside job, then you must also believe that Barack Obama is covering up for George W Bush.  How likely is that Michael Moore?  Van Jones?  Obama could DESTROY the Republican Party forever by proving that its leader at the time was behind the biggest terror attack on the country in history and, yet, crickets...

So, the question must be asked:  Why do you hate Barack Obama so much?



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