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01 February 2013


Now, we know why Democrats want to ban guns…

Allow me to bring back this Obamacare-a-holic, who recently went into “recovery”:

Like a fine wine, it gets better and better with age. It’s not like we didn’t warn him for MORE THAN 2 YEARS THAT THE ANAL RAPE HE IS NOW EXPERIENCING WASN’T EXACTLY WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN…..

Oh wait…WE DID.

Anyhoo, thanks to the IRS' announcement pertaining to Obamacare, Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary would like you to know that it has revised the definition of “free.” It now reads, as follows:

Free: The sum of $20,000 USD.

As in:

“I only thought that I would love the FREE healthcare that President Barack Obama was going to give me! Can I get a Mulligan, please?”

Comedy + Schadenfreude = Comedenfreude

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