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29 January 2013

An Enclave Of Steelers Fans In Oregon? The Surprising Maps That Show How The Country Is Divided Over The NFL


New York University PhD candidate Sean Taylor has published a series of new maps based on Facebook figures that show a surprising social and geographical breakdown of NFL fans. About 35 million people on Facebook have 'liked' one of the 32 NFL teams, or roughly one out of every ten Americans. Those numbers now show a divided country loaded with random fan clusters and holdouts.


This map focuses on Facebook data during the playoffs. 'It's striking just how much geographic area of the country was rooting for the Denver Broncos come January,' Taylor says


Taylor created maps for the subsequent rounds of the playoffs to show how the fans of remaining teams were distributed geographically as the post-season progressed


With only two teams left for the Super Bowl, Taylor found the country divided more or less by geography, with 49ers fans dominating the West and the Ravens being the most popular in counties in the mid-Atlantic and Southern states


A nation is divided between Baltimore Raven (blue) and San Francisco 49ers (red) 

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