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07 February 2013

The Cop Killer Lovers On The Left Send A Big, Wet, Sloppy Bar Rafaeli To Cop Killer

"If Christopher Dorner is telling the truth about corruption in the department and about wrongful termination his actions are justifiable." 

- RC (@Sly_Fly_An_High) February 07, 2013

"Think I'm wrong for having sympathy towards #ChristopherDorner? You clearly haven't read his manifesto. It's not right, but he's not wrong."

- Wayne Thomas (@LiberalSmartAss) February 07, 2013

"I don't know if this is what is right exactly, but my heart and well wishes are with you #ChristopherDorner god speed and GIVE EM HELL!!!!"

- DH Da Argonaut (@DHfromtheV) February 07, 2013

"Id bet dollars to donuts what Christopher Dorner wrote in that long manifesto IS true.—"
Hey T Hobbs (@SpiffyTiffyH) February 07, 2013

"Christopher Jordan Dorner…another black man set up by the man.—"
February8th (@_Im_JustReal) February 07, 2013 

"God speed, Chris Dorner. It's about time someone did something about crooked cops.— "
John Chedrick (@CleverCorvid) February 07, 2013 

"Shoutout to Christopher Dorner for doing justice on da hoe— "
King Kase (@ShowkaseDaGreat) February 07, 2013 

"I wouldn't snitch on Chris Dorner, lmao fuck tha LAPD I bet they shittin bricks now— "
Bonnie (@VEE_IP) February 07, 2013 

"Chris dorner i hope you get those who Did what they Did to you. My prayers actually go to him not those other officers.— "
Brenda (@bRENDAblOVE) February 07, 2013 

"#ChristopherDorner #manifesto i totally believe him!! I dont agree with his actions but i believe they pushed him to the edge!—"
Nikki Whatever (@blkchrrie18) February 07, 2013

"Christopher Dorner is NOT I repeat is NOT fucking crazy & actually makes plenty of sense.— "
sVen☮ (@AnnieCuhh) February 07, 2013 

"Get it in @Christopherdorner fuck the police!!!!!!— "
RHII (@thugliferob) February 07, 2013 

"L.A. should RISE UP in support of Christopher Dorner! Doesn't #LAPD's reckless reaction show you what they're really about?! SUPPORT DORNER!— "
Eval Herz (@evanherzoff) February 07, 2013 

"Yo real shit this Christopher Dorner is a real ass nigga man I respect him— "
Blake Griffin (@BasedGeezy) February 07, 2013 

"i personally would look the other way if i saw christopher dorner. call me what you want, corrupt officials will never pay for their crimes.— "
Spenser Cullen (@Spenser_Cullen) February 07, 2013 

"I'm not mad at Christopher Dorner at all.— "
T.Bell (@I_am_TBell) February 07, 2013 

"much respect to officer Christopher Dorner #fthepolice— "
the watcher (@reppin215) February 07, 2013 

"Long live Christopher Dorner.— "
Mr. Schmannandale (@TeddyZayn) February 07, 2013

"FUCK THE LAPD!!! Chris Dorner is gonna kill all you bitchass cops that have been corrupting LA FOR YEARS.— "
George Oñate Duran♕ (@TW3LV) February 07, 2013  

"#ChristopherDorner is a G for going against the crooked cops… #LAPD is shitting bricks— "
YoungPicasso (@FlowBeatz805) February 07, 2013

"hate me if you want, i hope chris dorner completes his mission, and gets away. someone taking down those who are "above the law".— "
Spenser Cullen (@Spenser_Cullen) February 07, 2013 

"Chris Dorner: The Corrupt Cop Killer. May the odds, forever be in your favor.— "
Chris B. (@MeetaWorldPeace) February 07, 2013 

"Im pro Christopher Jordan Dorner #MANHUNT— "
You Suck (@GonzOhhGeee) February 07, 2013

"#LAPD is a racist, terrorist "police" department that should be driven into the fucking Pacific Ocean! Christopher Dorner #Revolution #FTP"
Eval Herz (@evanherzoff) February 07, 2013

"@mermaidsrcsluts Christopher Dorner is a fucking hero!— "
Ab0m1nable_An0n (@PiThrower) February 07, 2013 

"LAPD needs their asses handed to them for all of the bullshit they have done to innocent people I applaud Christopher Jordan Dorner!— "
SupremeSpearChuckr (@KingSpearChuckr) February 07, 2013 

Wendi Wolf (@Wendiwolf) February 07, 2013 

"S/o to Christopher Dorner— "
SMDickHOE (@l3igBlackDildo) February 07, 2013

"Christopher Dorner – The Dark Knight.— "
RC (@Sly_Fly_An_High) February 07, 2013

"KiLLem All Christopher Dorner 👮💥💥🔫— "
GAZELLE™ (@DuggyThe1st) February 07, 2013 

"i want this Christopher Jordan Dorner man, to be successful. please get away with it. #besafe and the plot thickens?— "
see eych yoo eych (@fuckinternet) February 07, 2013 

"@CHP_HQ_Media fuk your "blue alert" you bastards get what you deserve love live Christopher Jordan Dorner #KillThemAll— "
SupremeSpearChuckr (@KingSpearChuckr) February 07, 2013 

"Some nigga on facebook said Christopher Dorner was Django of LA"

-Myleena Laniece (@MyleenaLaniece) February 08, 2013

"Why is one of my dudes calling the former LAPD dude that's on the rampage the modern day DJANGO? He has the entire LAPD shook right now.— "

Jerome Taylor (@inglewoodmugs) February 07, 2013

"Fired LAPD Officer Going Django On Everyone's Asses—"

  (@Wonkette) February 07, 2013

"Christoper Dorner is the modern day Django— "

MDJ (@ForgottenNative) February 08, 2013

"#LAPD meets Django!— "

  (@Donna4843) February 07, 2013

"He is like the real life Django. He put the LAPD on blast…and is fucking with them hard. This is just like the movie Shooter.— "

Trent Jackson (@TrentTheArtist) February 07, 2013 

"The country may eventually owe Mr. Dorner a debt of gratitude. Nothing will spur gun control like the thereat of a Django-like black man!— "

Whitney (@memfisman) February 08, 2013 

"Dorner is like John Q, Lorenzo from Training Day, Rambo, and Django Unchained rolled into one.—"

Grand Admiral Gainz (@GAGainz) February 08, 2013

"Dorner is the real Django.—"

ambercouture (@amberc0uture) February 07, 2013

"Chris Dorner Going Django On They Ass!—" 

Relly FlyBoy (@JuhsKallMeRelly) February 08, 2013

"#Dorner is the modern day #django— "

iKANlove (@i_KAN_love) February 08, 2013

"#shoutout my nigga Chris Dorner (AKA) Django! He took fuck the opps to a new level!— "

February 8th (@KaleemIVXX) February 07, 2013

josh leffler (@joshleffler) February 07, 2013

"After reading #Dorner Manifesto, It won't be long until he becomes the modern day #Django.… …— "

Black Chuck Todd (@BlackChuckTodd) February 07, 2013

"Methinks Christopher #Dorner just went Django on the #LAPD.— "

Christina K (@ChristiKennedy) February 07, 2013

"Chris Dorner is the real life Django. It's not gonna end peacefully.— "

E. (@1987eb) February 07, 2013

Christopher Dorner is my hero! lol. He got these motherfuckers MAD ASSHIT!! lol. He's bout to die a Martyr. Fight on brotha!

 - sergey bear (@sergeyswag69) February 08, 2013

 I honestly believe that Christopher Dorner is doing the right thing, I don't see him as a criminal at all but a low key hero. Read HIS paper—

- Fatboiiibert (@Tovar_nxt_level) February 09, 2013

 - mikey (@theSelmaBlair) February 09, 2013

- Sean Stashko (@SStashko) February 09, 2013

 (@A3kri) February 08, 2013

 - dylan dylan (@dylan0024) February 08, 2013

Would YOU help hide out Christopher Dorner? I know I WOULD! #ImJustSaying :) #DoAGoodDeed
- Pearl (@just1pearl) February 08, 2013 

That cop killer is kinda sexy tho—

- Whit (@WhitneyNoCrack) February 08, 2013

It might be horrible to say but that Dorner guy is cute—

- Soleil Moonpie (@ItsBeeRock) February 09, 2013

Yeah, I'm with @scumbagtanny. I wish Dorner weren't so cute.—

- Exodus Rex (@ExodusRex) February 09, 2013 

Sitting in the dr office wondering what #dorner is up to…he kinda #sexy— 

- Enocha Black (@NochaBeeZee) February 08, 2013


I would help the nigga Dorner out.—

- fatgirlfelix (@theeitzel) February 09, 2013 

I'd honestly hide #Dorner in my house. Lol fuck all the corruption lapd brings.—

- Cris Cardi (@ImxAxMess) February 08, 2013 

I would honestly hide out Dorner.
You go Glen-coco!!!!! Big bear is cold, but my shed is warm.—


- Reanna Holland (@ReannaElaine) February 08, 2013 

My mom said if she had a bunker, she'd hide Chris Dorner. Real shit I would too, like this was seriously disrespected.—

- Missy (@deimbree) February 08, 2013

I would hide Christ Dorner in my house. Idc.—
- Rosa Sola. (@PennyyRoyal) February 08, 2013 

Would I help Dorner out…I mean his life is over so I would let em sleep in the garage for a night—

- Matt Johnson (@_mattvjohnson) February 09, 2013 

My brother said if Chris Dorner knock on his door he giving him a hot free meal and a cot 😁—

- rahb (@BertMaggert) February 09, 2013 

I would definitely let Chris Dorner stay at my crib while he’s on-the-run/prowl. We can play some Madden or something, it’ll be a good time.—

- Pat (@thatpatp) February 08, 2013 

Dorner if you could read this , you can stay at my pad !—

- S∆TIV∆ FITZGER∆LD (@hennecsippin) February 08, 2013 

“@peterdtwit: Does Christopher Dorner have a Twitter account?”if he does, CHRISTOPHER, YOU CAN STAY AT MY HOUSE! I'm pulling for you man!!!—

- sofa king cool (@311__) February 08, 2013

Here are a sample of the comments made at The Huffington Post:

From “Andrew Coe”:

“After reading this I am going to come out and say it, I support this guy. I do not like that he is killing civilians though. I wish he would have been smarter and picked off the cops that did him wrong instead of starting things the way he did but that is his issue. I have no doubt in my mind that everything he were about being wronged by the LAPD is true and I feel sorry he was victimized by an organization he clearly loved so much. After reading about how the police have shot three innocent civilians, a grandmother none the less, while searching for him makes me lose almost all respect for the LAPD. I think this is an example of reaping what they sow.”

Elsewhere, “Andrew Coe” states:

“I believe and support him too. I hope he gets the justice he deserves and by that I mean vengeance.”

In response, “sdgrrl” writes:

“I wish he has simply held people hostage. The impact would be greater. Now, the media and LAPD can target him as nuts due to the murders.”

Here’s “norielmom”:

“I really hate he has to kill, but I also believe his story. what people don’t understand is that a person’s name is all they have and when that’s taken, only the Lord can restore it. I pray that he is found safely and that is not killed, but to live and continue to fight for the citizens.”

“joep001,” described as a HUffPo “Super User,” writes:

“Awesome! This is great! The militarized domestic police finally getting a taste of their own medicine, when one of their own insane # turn on them. Nothing like seeing the Fascists fight each other!!!”

Here’s “Brad J. Taylor”:

“He doesn’t sound like a madman at all. Just someone who was terribly wronged by the system.”

Here's “7Life”:




Here's “Roger LeMonde,” another “Super User”:

“His whole thing is giving LAPD what they earned.”

Here's “godlessliberal0″:

“Wow, I just read the whole thing. Hannity, Limbaugh and their ilk are sure going to enjoy their field day. I couldn’t help but want to have a beer with him. Dang it.”

Two of Dorner’s victims were basketball coach, Monica Quan, and security officer, Keith Lawrence....

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That horrible looking hippie chick at the top personifies the dumb left: not only are they terminally stupid, but they're proud of it as well.