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05 February 2013

One Child, One Evil

The woman is 22 year-old, Feng Jiemei, who was seven months pregnant with her second child when the Chinese government dragged her from her home to the hospital where 2 injections were made to her abdomen.  Thirty hours later, she gave birth to a dead baby girl, who the hospital left on the woman's bed.

Feng Jiemei was forced to undergo the abortion because of China's one-child policy and her inability to pay the more than $40,000 yuan ($6,270) in fines for second child.

Chinese Family Planners Forced Abortion On A Seven Month Pregnant Woman To Enforce One-child Policy



1 comment:

DelusionDispeller said...

how unspeakably cruel. THere was a man-friend who asked me to move to china to teach. He said it's so wonderful there. NO THANKS!