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04 February 2013

Bammy's Got A Gun - II

M2RB:  Def Leppard

Welcome home, soldier boy 
Put down your pistol, yeah, put down your toy 
Yeah, they can take a gun away from you 
But never take away your attitude 
They can't do that, oh no, no, they can't do that


Attention White House:  This is what happens when you tell Americans that they CANNOT do something, especially when they paid for Camp David, the gun, the ammunition, and the photographer...and the law, specifically, allows them to do what you say that they may not.*







* 17 U.S.C. § 105:  A United States government work is prepared by an officer or employee of the United States government as part of that person’s official duties.  It is not subject to copyright in the United States and there are no copyright restrictions on reproduction, derivative works, distribution, performance, or display of the work. Anyone may, without restriction under U.S. copyright laws: reproduce the work in print or digital form; create derivative works; perform the work publicly; display the work; distribute copies or digitally transfer the work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending.”


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