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04 February 2013

Sandy Hook Dad: "You Will Take My Ability To Protect My Daughter From My Cold Dead Hands"

By Christopher Collins

A video of a father, Bill Stevens, whose daughter attended Sandy Hook Elementary school, scene of the mass shooting in December, is making its rounds today of his testimony against gun control at a Working Group Public Hearing at the Connecticut State Capitol on gun violence prevention.

Although his daughter was not harmed in the shooting, his daughter’s friend’s little sister was a victim.

In his testimony, he was very clear on his stance against going after legal gun owners and that no one will take his freedom away to protect his daughter.

Stevens told the panel that he is not there to cite statistics, lives saved by a gun or the economic impact. He was there to remind those people about the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, the Constitution of the State of Connecticut in regards to self-defense.  He said:

“Unfortunately, her friend’s little sister was murdered in Sandy Hook that day when lock-down and 911 were not enough to protect her from an evil person. Not protect her from an assault rifle or some inanimate object, but from an evil person.  Quite different from the security you all have here at the capitol. It was fun getting frisked on the way in.”

Stevens read part from the state’s constitution on the right to bear arms in self-defense and told the panel:

“These rights are inalienable and endowed by our creator, not you politicians.”

Toward the end of his testimony, Stevens said:

“But criminals and tyrants…tyrants, especially be aware that lock-down is not an option at the Steven’s resident. And 911 will be dialed after the security of my home has been established.  Why is that same security that my daughter enjoys at home with her dad not available at school in Newtown? That is what you should be considering, not making her dad a criminal.  Charlton Heston made the phrase ‘From my cold dead hands’ famous and I am here to tell you today, you will take my ability to protect my Victoria from my cold dead hands.”

His full testimony can be seen here.

Today, President Barack Obama begins his rally for public support for gun control measures while gun owners across the nation, like in Texas, are sticking to their gun rights.

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