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15 September 2012

How Progressives Killed Robert Goldstein Through Censorship, Police State Tactics, Unconstitutional Laws, & Railroading All The Way Into A Cattlecar On The Road To A Nazi Concentration Camp

Part I

Since the news broke that radical Islamists had stormed the American Embassy in Cairo and the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the Blame America First crowd has resorted to its usual "Blame Bush!  Only a tiny fraction of Muslims are radical!  Muslims have a right to hate the US because of our interference, oppression, colonialism, imperialism, swagger, sense of superiority, greed, wealth, way of life, blah, blah, blah!"  Given that this is the height of a presidential election and the media feels that it is our moral duty to reelect Barack Obama, the lies and spin have reached elevations heretofore unattained.   

Yet, all of this was not going to be enough.  So, just as Paul Krugman and Markos Moulitas rushed to blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the Tuscon Massacre and Brian Ross rushed to gush to George Stephanopoulos that the Aurora Batshitcrazyman was, gasp!, a Tea Party member...until he wasn't, the incredibly shrinking American media rushed to pin Islamist irrationality on the Christian donkey, Terry Jones, even though he had a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y nothing to do with it.  Not only that, they demanded a film, whose world premiere in Los Angeles, drew an audience of ten whole people.  OK, well, there may have been a couple with prosthetic devices.  I don't know.  Anyhoo...

On Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap a/k/a MSNBC's Morning Joe, the Joe Biden of Boston demanded that the Florida pastor, Terry Jones, be prosecuted by Eric Holder's Department of Justice as an accessory to murder!  Why?  Because he made the clip of the aforementioned movie.  Apart from the fact that Pastor Jones did NOT have anything to do with the movie or clip, Barnicle obviously has never read the Constitution of the United States of America, especially the First Amendment.  

Next up to display her staggering ignorance was Anthea Butler, the esteemed and tenured professor from the University of Pennsylvania, who wrote...seriously:

"Good Morning. How soon is Sam Bacile going to be in jail folks? I need him to go now.  When Americans die because you are stupid…And people do to jail for speech. First Amendment doesn’t cover EVERYTHING a PERSON says.  If there is anyone who values free speech, it is a tenured professor!  So why did I tweet that Bacile (he was the next chairless person when the music stopped) should be in jail?  The "free speech" in Bacile's film is not about expressing a personal opinion about Islam.  It denigrates the religion by depicting the faith's founder in several ludicrous and historically inaccurate scenes to incite and inflame viewers."

My response to Ms Butler can be summed up as follows:

 Brandenburg v Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969) and FOAD.

William Saletan of Slate really stirred my fire and, in a large part, was the impetus for this piece.  He wrote: 
"When you read the tweets alongside the initial statement, the message is clear. Free speech is a universal right. The Muslim-baiting movie is an abuse of that right. The embassy rejects the movie but defends free speech and condemns the invasion of its compound.  I don’t know where you were born, Mr. Romney (just kidding!), but where I come from, there’s nothing more American than recognizing the idiocy of a man’s views and, at the same time, his right to express them. If you can’t tell the difference between those two things, the main threat to our values right now isn’t President Obama, the Egyptians, the Libyans, or our diplomats in Cairo. It’s you."

What did Mike Barnicle, Anthea Butler, William Saletan and others say when Michael Isikoff and Newsweek reported lies about the US military personnel flushing Qur’ans down the loo at Gitmo, which sparked rioting throughout the Muslim world and resulted in the deaths of at least 15 people?   Did they call for Newsweek to be banned and Michael Isikoff to be prosecuted?

Doubtful. They would have argued that the First Amendment’s free speech clause wasn’t at issue; rather, its protections ensuring a free press were. Peons can have their speech limited.

The fact that Isikoff and Newsweek obviously failed the Preschool Square Peg-Round Hole Logic Test doesn’t kick them out of the elite.

To them, a Coptic Christian or Terry Jones is just a hick. Neither is entitled to anything. But, I bet that either would pause for a second before buying some line like “Hey, you know, those meanies were flushing those big, rectangular Holy Bibles down the john! We need to burn some American flags, presidential effigies and embassies. Oh, and decapitate some people!”

What did these bedwetters say of Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" and the ensuing fatwa?  Should he have been killed for his "blasphemy"? 

From the White House to the American Embassy in Cairo to the Nattering Nabobs of Newspeak, I have been outraged, but unsurprised, by the calls for censorship, bans, and prosecutions over a video.  I've been disgusted by people saying that free speech is responsible for the savagery of barbarians.  Did Catholics riot over "Piss Christ"?  Did Mormons riot over "The Book of Mormon" play on Broadway?  Are we supposed to suppress our speech to avoid offending some, who are nothing more than misogynistic, homophobic, child-abusing, maniacal, homicidal, suicidal, totalitarian, 7th century death cult?  Do these fools even realise that SPEAKING THE TRUTH ABOUT FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION OR INCESTUOUS MARRIAGES BETWEEN MUSLIM UNCLES AND VERY YOUNG NIECES CAN NOW GET THEM CONVICTED OF A HATE CRIME AND A PRISON SENTENCE....IN SOME EUROPEAN COUNTRIES? 

All of this got me thinking about a forgotten time in the history of the United States and the story of an unknown man.  Perhaps, if more people knew the story of the Progressive Persecution and Prosecution of Robert Goldstein, they would be loathe to ever let slip from their lips the whispers of censorship, apologies for our liberal way of life, words of appeasement, and solipsisms.

On the second floor of the White House, there is an elegant, 17-foot wide main corridor littered with seating areas and display places where the First Family present items of meaning to them.  Here, in a space of the White House that is considered part of "The Private Residence," the First Family is allowed to enjoy a modicum of privacy and themselves, along with an expanse for entertaining.  Ironically, it was here, amongst the then luxurious surroundings and tinkling of crystal goblets and chandeliers, that the First Progressive Democrat President, Woodrow Wilson, an ardent racist, who resegregated the military and Federal government and considered the election of the abolitionist, Republican, President Abraham Lincoln, to be the worst day of his life, screened the first ever film in the White House -- a film the showed a white woman commit suicide rather than submit to the Third Progressive Democrat President.

The main corridor on the second floor is a 17-foot wide hall furnished with sitting areas and display areas for the first family's enjoyment and entertaining.  It was here on 18 February 1915 that Progressive Democrat President Woodrow Wilson screened "The Birth of a Nation" for his friends, family, and a selected few of the crème de la crème of Washington.  The ladies were dressed in their finest and the men in tails. The black waitstaff moved silently amongst the white guests serving hors d'œuvres before the lights dimmed and the guests settled into their velvet-covered seating. 

When the final credits rolled, the assembled elite reacted as most of the world least, those that were not barred from the theatre due to the colour of their skin.  They were stunned. Wilson, who embodied the ideals of Progressivism in his “New Freedom” Agenda, loved the movie so much that he screened it several more times and remarked of the film, that it was “history shot with electricity…all so terribly true.” 

"The Birth of a Nation" was the creation and "stunning" achievement of one D.W. Griffith.  It was the world's first full-length film...clocking in at a staggering 190 minutes.  The film, so lauded at the time, was originally titled "The Clansman"  (a reference to the Ku Klux Klan.  It was a Mint Juleptian Ode and Chivalrous Paean to the Confederates and their Southern Belles, who ruled the "Associations for the Beautification of the Graves of the Glorious Dead" like Aunt Pittypat, Mrs Dolly Merriweather, and Mrs Meade.  For those with hearts in the past victories and debased by the degradations of the injustices imposed upon them by Republican Yankees and carpetbaggers that they wore like bitter badges of honour -- not unlike the Germans of the Weimar Republic -- "The Clansman" or as it became, "The Birth of a Nation," was a last grasp of and gasp at the honour, magnificence, redemption, grandeur, and vindication to which they felt they were due.

Yet, the triumphant success of “The Birth of a Nation” was not limited to the former Confederate states.  Men and women wouldn’t have to wait 24 years to get their Southern, Civil War blood-n-gore, bodice-ripping, shaggadelicfest, or “If I have to lie, cheat, steal or kill, as God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again” fix or (Even wait for “Return to Almora” by Nobel Laureate, Dr Rajenda Pachauri, formerhead of the UN IPPC -- he’s the global warming guru, who shared a Nobel PeacePrize with Fat Al Bore). No, “A Birth of a Nation” was a world-wide smash hit! Yowza, Kowabunga!

The world was electrified by what it saw on the screen.  The white women savaged by the “big, bad bucks.”* The White Man attempting to save civilisation from the crazed, uneducated, uncouth, criminal “human weeds,” as Eugenicist and Socialist, Margaret Sanger called them while promoting birth control. 

Lenin was enormously impressed with “The Birth of a Nation.”  He nationalised the Russian film industry.  In 1919, he ordered Izo-Narkompros, The People's Commissariat for Education and Enlightenment, to open a state film school. A year later, the school would hire a young director, Lev Kuleshov, who would alter the way film was theorised and studied.  “The Birth of a Nation” would become a primary source of learning material for everything from acting to editing to lighting to producing.

As I wrote above, “The Birth of A Nation” was directed by DW Griffith and was a wild success, but this article is not about either the film nor the director.  Both, however, played a critical role in the life of our subject, Robert Goldstein.  Goldstein ran a costume shop in Los Angeles that supplied the nascent Hollywood movie industry. Griffith invited Goldstein to invest in "The Birth of a Nation." Goldstein invested cash and also provided the costumes and props -- an in-kind investment.  

After the film turned out to be an enormous, financial success, Goldstein decided to branch out into the movie-making business himself.  His first film, he decided, would do for the American Revolutionary War what Griffith and his "The Birth of a Nation" did for the Civil War.  At an expense of over $200,000 ($78.1 million in today's money), Goldstein produced "The Spirit of '76" an epic which spanned from the Battles of Lexington and Concord to Yorktown."

Lacking the luck of The Griff, Goldstein failed to realise that, while films depicting "the good, white man trying to rescue the virginal, white woman from the clutching from the savage from the darkest jungles of Africa" might do good business in 1915, showing the savagery of white British troops against American colonists and Native Americans might not be such a winner in 1917…when the British were our allies in the World War.  If he didn’t recognise the fact that “Hell, hath no fury like politicians scorned by the truth and faced with their hypocrisy” then, he would soon enough…and I mean VERY SOON enough.

"The Spirit of '76" opened in Chicago in April 1917… just one month after the United States declared war on Germany...and Robert Goldstein's life was never again to be the same. In fact, some might argue that once the first light flickered across the silver screen, Robert Goldstein died...although he wouldn't know it for a couple of decades.

At the urging of the Progressive Democrat President Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House’s lapdog, Isaac Wayne MacVeagh, the Attorney General of the United States, the head of Chicago's police censorship board, a man with a most unforgettable name of Metallus Lucullus Cicero Funkhouser, immediately confiscated the film.  Apparently the confiscation was on the dubious grounds that it would create hostility toward Britain, America's new ally against Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.  On those grounds, one can only imagine what would have crossed the minds of those running the Betsy Ross museum, Constitution Hall, the Freedom Trail, writing American history books, etc.

The United States had just declared war on Germany and the war was not quite as popular as the President would have expected.  Seriously, who would’ve thunk it?  Wilson ran for reelection on the platform of “He Kept Us Out Of The War!”  He won reelection on 7 November 1916.  He asked for a Declaration of War on 6 April 1917.  A WHOLE 151 DAYS!!!!   And, yet, those lousy, bitter-clingers wouldn't get behind their President, the smartest President until Barack Obama came along and the only one ever to have a PHd so you just know that he really, really, really had to know what was best, simply would not see the wisdom of fighting "over there."  The bloody ingrates!

The country was so divided that the Secretary of State, the pacifist Progressive, William Jennings Bryant, resigned in protest although not before floating the idea that a World War might be a perfect opportunity to impose Prohibition on the entire global population. [I’m still begging for some genius to design an “eyeroll font" for me.  I want my words to look like this woman’s face.  She is so precious!!!  Mean it.  Seriously.]

Back to '76, after the offending scenes were redacted, showings of the film resumed. Screeech!!!  "Offending scenes"?  Redacted?  What were these "offending scenes"?  Surely not, anything truly offencive like scenes with Lindsay Lohan or Michael Moore.  Here are some of the NC-17 offending scenes:

  •  British and Hessian committing atrocities in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania....which they actually did.
  •  British atrocities committed against the American settlers during the 1778 Cherry Valley Massacre, which were true.
  •  Prussians bayoneting a Yankee baby.
  •  Redcoats carrying an unwilling Yankee maiden into a bedchamber.
  •  A Hessian, i.e., German mercenary, stabbing a saintly Quaker.
  • George III's mistress Catherine Montour, the daughter of Marguerite Fafard Turpin, a French-Iroquois métis also known as Margaret Montour or "French Margaret", and a Caughnawaga Mohawk named Katarioniecha, also known as Peter Quebec, and her efforts to become "Queen of America." The character ... was presumably based on the historical figure Hannah Lightfoot.
  •  The depiction of Paul Revere’s ride.
  •  The signing of the Declaration of Independence.
  • The American military encampments and Washington’s headquarters at Valley Forge.
  • Ben Franklin delivering a fabled one-two punch right in King George III's crazed kisser.  Of course, such never happened given  Mad King George royal toes never deigned to touch the New World...anywhere.  In fact, I don't think that the loony king ever stepped foot out of England...not to Scotland, nor Ireland, and maybe not even to Wales. 

So, Goldstein removed the "offending" scenes, kissed Woody's ring, received the Papal, er, Presidential blessing, and finished the film's run in know, Chicago, the town where Chik-Fil-A is outside its values.

According to JD Collins in his "The Tragic Odyssey of Robert Goldstein," 'By all accounts, Goldstein's "The Spirit of '76" was an electrifying rousing production. Some have said that Patrick Henry's speech to the Burgess is better told on this silent in the gripping face of the actor than words could supply. In comparison, the later copyists were surprisingly flat." 

Anyhoo, like smart Americans, who when faced with asinine, ludicrous, arbitrary and capricious laws that violate not only the law, but the spirit of the First Amendment, my hero, Robert Goldstein, packed up his film and set off to more tolerant and sophisticated Texas.  Nah.  Thinking surely that all Americans can't be stupid enough to think that, say, Prussians and Hessians, i.e., GERMANS, bayoneting babies, raping women, and killing Quakers couldn't possibly alienate our allies in World War I, who were the British Empire, France, Italy and Russia, when our enemies were GERMANS, he went to Los Angeles.  While it is true that Hollywood does oftentimes have trouble telling the good guys from the bad, back in 1917, moral relativism hadn't quite perverted their thinking.  They didn't ask "I wonder what the US did to make the GERMANS hate us so much?" or "That poor Kaiser Wilhelm II.  He must have had a terrible childhood.  What else could explain his behaviour?"

Unfortunately for our Robbie, Woody's Dragnet was better than the wooden, dummy guns he sent the first few hundred thousand doughboys to fight with against the Iron Eagle.   For the Los Angeles of "The Birth of a Nation," a hideous production of racism and insurrection, had given under to the Fascist Fist of America's First Fascist President, Woodrow Wilson.  What a difference a couple of years, a war, and a Progressive Democrat President, who would not face the electorate again,  made!

Returning to Collins, "By the time Goldstein's production opened in Los Angeles, the psychotic energy of the purge in the making had reached a fever pitch. Far beyond rounding up the usual suspects, labour union activists, Socialists and pacifists, Wilson had prosecutions humming in all ten Federal circuits against such unlikely rebels as a man who expressed reservations about the war in a private conversation over his dinner table, some Puerto Ricans who opted to retain their Spanish citizenship as was their right, under both American and International Law, a man who casually chatted with a confidant about the war and a man who yelled at Rangers in a National Park."

What is most impressive about the tidal wave of prosecutions is that most reported prosecutions were not launched against public figures vocally denouncing the war, but were instituted against private people for activity without public fanfare or political overtones of any kind.
Wilson urged Congress to pass laws that forbade Americans from criticising their own government in a time of war and made it a crime for citizens to “utter, print, write or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” about the government or the military," and signed them into law.  Wilson's Army of Gladys Kravitzes numbered approximately 400,000.  To put that number into perspective, the number of American troops fighting in France topped out at 2 million.  This "civilian national security force" was comprised of wives, husbands, children, sisters, brothers, mums, dads, aunts, uncles, priests, pastors, doctors, schoolteachers, social workers, lawyers, etc.  There were no such things as privileged communications between priest/penitent, doctor/patient, lawyer/client, etc.

These private citizens in turn worked with Federal law enforcement agents and agencies leading all the way up to the Attorney General of the United States of America, Thomas Gregory, and the United States Department of Justice. Their official name was the American Protective League and while the Director of the League was said to be one Charles Frey.    The APL and its offshoot the Committee for Public Information (propaganda) were the brainchild and organised under Colonel Edward M House, a man with no military experience, but with the privilege of being Woody’s right-hand man.  It was the world’s first Gestapo.  The CPI was the West's first Propaganda Ministry.  Hitler and Goebbels took notes…lots of them...and closely guarded them.

The vast number and diverse range of the suspects detained, prosecuted/persecuted, convicted, and imprisoned during the thirty months that the United States was at war is indicative of the well-oiled machine that the Progressive Administration of Woodrow Wilson had put into place to crackdown on the civil and constitutional rights of Americans.  It is impossible to argue that there was not a Nazi-esque type of underground informant and police apparatus that went far beyond anything that had ever existed in this country and would not be seen again until the Third Reich.   It also clearly blows to smithereens Wilson's reelection slogan "He Kept Us Out Of The War."  It is undeniable that he fully intended to get the US into the war as soon as winning reelection since it would have been impossible to design and implement such a wide-ranging and intrusive shadow state in 151 days. 

As Collins noted, "Goldstein's ill luck was to be caught up in the vortex of the maelstrom. In June 1917, Wilson told Congress that a grave clear and present threat loomed: German-Americans who might side with the German Kaiser. A new Espionage Act was passed, which in broad strokes prohibited any act or utterance, which might create dissention in the Armed Forces. Although German immigration was as long standing as English Colonisation, an officially-sanctioned purge of Germans had begun."

The flamboyant son of a German-Jewish immigrant Goldstein and his rousing "The Spirit of '76" became a major target.  Unbeknownst to him, it was into this environment that he brought "The Spirit of '76" -- in all of its glory -- to silver screens in and around Los Angeles.

According to an article some time ago in Salon named “The Unluckiest Man in Movie History,“  “when the film premiered in Los Angeles a few months later, Goldstein snuck the British atrocities back in. The film was seized once more, and, this time, Goldstein himself was charged in Federal court with violating the Espionage Act, a wartime law that gave U.S. officials ridiculously broad discretion to jail troublemakers."

The U.S. Deprartment of Justice and local censorship boards forbade the film's distribution out of fear it would provoke opposition to England after U.S. entry in World War I.  On 15 April 1918, a jury found Goldstein guilty on two counts of violating the Espionage Act (charges included that he'd attempted to cause insubordination, disloyalty, and mutiny by U.S. troops and prospective U.S. troops).

Convicted of espionage in having attempted to incite to mutiny U.S. Armed Forces, Goldstein defiantly proclaimed his innocence. A fine of $5,000 and a sentence of ten years in the federal penitentiary at McNeil Island was accompanied by U.S. District Judge Benjamin F Beldsoe's lecture on the many freedoms America afforded.

In approving the seizure of the film, Judge Beldsoe read his opinion:

"[I'm] in no mood to weigh the financial losses and in no mood, either, particularly after having listened to the testimony of this man, Goldstein, to consider the suggestion the the film be returned.  That which in ordinary times might be clearly permissible, or even commendable, in this hour of national emergency, effort, and peril may be as clearly treasonable, and therefore properly subject to review and repression.  The constitutional guaranty of 'free speech' carries with it no right to subvert the purposes and destiny of the nation.

"History is history and fact is fact, there is not doubt about that.  At the present time, however, we are engaged in a war in which Great Britain is an ally of the United States...this is no time in my judgement, whatever may be the excuse, whether it be for a financial return or otherwise, for the exploitation of those things that may have the tendency or effect of sowing dissension among our people.

The United States is confronted with the greatest emergency . . . [its] history. There is now required . . . the greatest devotion to a common cause . . . this is no time . . . for souring dissension among [the] people, and of creating animosity . . .[with the] allies.

He knew, just as well as he knows we are sitting here now, that the private presentation of this film on last Tuesday morning was for the purpose of seeing if there was anything objectionable in it. To fit it for such private presentation it was gone over by him with a fine tooth comb, no doubt; but immediately thereafter a sedulous effort was indulged in by him to insert those things which would tend to "excite" and to create a prejudice against Great Britain. This demands an inquiry into the ultimate motives and purposes of this man."

Back to Salon, "the fact is that anti-Semitism flourished among Los Angeles' governing elite, a quite separate community from the people who ran the movie industry, through mid-century. According to Goldstein, a U.S. attorney exclaimed at his trial:
"The carpenter of Nazareth was a Jew, but so also was Judas. And so also is this Jew, this vile beast, this traitor, who, while our boys are wallowing in their blood on the battlefields of France, stabs them in the back." 
To this, Judge Bledsoe blandly responded: "The prosecutors were carried away by their genius and were somewhat heated, but this is very excusable, for this is a superheated case."

To add insult to injury, Judge Bledsoe told Goldstein:  

"Count yourself lucky that you didn't commit treason in a country lacking America's right to a trial by jury.  You'd already be dead."

In "Pennsylvania's Revolution" by William Pencak published in 2010, the author writes "The Spirit of '76" proved to be an extremely controversial film because of its anti-British sentiment.  Contrary to the producer Robert Goldstein's wishes, the picture, which included several portrayals of the Revolution in Pennsylvania, was perceived as un-American."  One would hope that Mr Pencak reads this piece.  He might understand why the film was "perceived" that way.

Following Goldstein's conviction, Photoplay, that paragon of virtue, veracity, and intellectualism, described the picture as "a fifty-fifty libel of the Colonies and Mother England" and "German propaganda, impure and simple."  ...  "Now, we will return to our regular programming of Sunday bar-b-ques at PickFair and how Dorothy and Lillian Gish get such luscious curls..."

Goldstein appealed his convictions to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal.  Both were affirmed and the opinion written by Judge Hunt, who was appointed by Progressive Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, was an outrage, if one didn't fall asleep reading it.  Just as Progressives demonstrated their contempt for the Constitution as that "dusty, dated, old thing that's over a hundred years old," Judge Hunt referred to the American Revolution -- the very war that gave him freedom and made him an American citizen rather than a British subject to a King -- as "a war fought more than a hundred years before." 

Most graciously, snark, the court did take judicial notice that the Sedition Act, i.e. the Federal statute, under which Mr Goldstein, the appellant, had been enacted after the filming of "The Spirit of '76."  Yet, he dismissed this of being worthy of any legal consequence since the content of the film was sufficient proof, in and of itself, of Robert Goldstein's intent to violate a law that would be passed in the future.  Further, according to the esteemed jurist, the only conclusion that a reasonable man could conclude from watching the film about the American Revolutionary War was that Mr Goldstein intended to incite mutiny amongst the members of the mutiny, even though the prosecution could not present a single member of the military that had even seen much less been emotionally affected by it in any way whatsoever.

All of this should have led to a new trial, if not an outright dismissal of the convictions and charges.  Ex post facto laws are prohibited by the constitution.  Remember, it had been "blessed."  There was no evidence that Goldstein intended to incite a mutiny and mens rea must be proven in a sedition crime.

In retrospect, it seems amazing that Wilson, the same president who famously praised Griffith's "The Birth of a Nation" ("It's like writing history with lightning")--even though it was arguably treasonous in its nauseating glorification of the Confederacy--jailed Goldstein, whose movie was unassailably patriotic, as Salon witheringly observes. Why did the Feds throw the book at Goldstein? Obviously they wanted to make an example of him; Goldstein's defiance of the censorship order seems to have infuriated Judge Bledsoe. 

As Collins wrote, "Wilson's purge did not merely target German-Americans like Goldstein active in the arts, but burned with white-heat fury at the German language, which had been spoken in many places interchangeably with English and at the casual craft of the German-Americans: the liquor industry. An unusual alignment of the planets, appeasing women's temperance groups on one hand and stabilising the price of grain on the other, together with depriving the Germans of their daily bread led to a national prohibition of alcohol, both measures would have worked an unanticipated social realignment, that the Progressive advocates of the 'New Freedom' could never have anticipated."  

Although Collins may believe that Prohibition was the culmination of a planetary alignment of German hatred and temperance groups, he overlooks the decades' long Pietism-cum-Progressive Movement and the Absolute Shall.  I have covered both in "Obama's Neo-Nationalism" and "The"Absolute Shall" Shall Always Absolutely Fail, Especially In America!And More Cheers For It!."

In jail, Goldstein joined the other intractable enemies of the State, advocates of an eight-hour workday and a minimum wage, advocates of women's rights, and opponents of child labour.  Socialist leader, Eugene v Debs, was one of the most famous of Wilson's persecuted.

"Fascism will return to the United States not as right wing ideology but almost as a quasi-leftist ideology.”
- Irving Louis Horowitz, radical Leftist sociology pioneer

To be continued...likely tomorrow.  Here are some highlights:

* He served 3 years at the McNeil Island Penitentiary in 1918.  Wilson devotees try to claim that Wilson commuted his sentence, but the dates don't work.

* He was bankrupted.

* Once released, he was unable to get work in the US because he was considered a traitor.

* He went to Europe to attempt to rebuild his life and career.  He knocked around 5 or 6 countries.  Failing in each.

* He was living in Germany when Hitler came to power. 

* After the Nuremberg laws, he tried to raise the money to leave. 

* He needed $9.

* No one would give it to him or allow him to work for it.

* He was last seen in a crowd of Jews being sent to a concentration camp.

* The Progressives' need to squelch speech of which they disapproved sent Robert Goldstein to a concentration camp.

* Oh, and if that's not enough to be proud of, Progs, here's another:

* As Governor of New Jersey, the Father of American Progressivism, Woodrow Wilson, named Dr Edwin Katzen-Ellenbogen as the scientific director of the State Village for Epileptics at Skillman, NJ.  He became one of the country's leading experts on legal and legislative safeguards in eugenics and was asked by Wilson to draft NJ's laws permitting the forcible sterilisation of epileptics, "defectives," and "undesirables."

* He was charter member #14 of the Eugenics Research Association at the Carnegie Institution's Cold Spring Harbor lab complex. The eugenics movement, spearheaded by the ERA, campaigned around the world to create a master Nordic race and sterilise or segregate all other humans out of existence.

* Dr Edwin Katzen-Ellenbogen, a Jew, was convicted of war crimes at Dachau and is known as one of the "Butchers of Buchenwald."

* He, like the man who promoted him, was a Progressive.

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