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16 April 2013

Why The Left Always Assumes, Hopes, And Prays That A 'Right-Wing Extremist' Is Behind An Attack...


Blame America Firsters like Chris Matthews, Michael Moore, David Axelrod, Luke Russert, Jay Mohr, ABC News, Congressman William Keating, Christian Science Monitor's Staff Writer Peter Grier, CNN-terror analyst Peter Bergen,  Huffington Post blogger and Al Sharpton's radio producer Nida Khan, Esquire's Charles Pierce, and Cynthia McKinney, etc, WILL ALWAYS ASSUME, HOPE, AND ‘PRAY’ that people, who commit terrorist attacks and kill and maim, are their FELLOW CITIZENS, especially their fellow citizens who are ideologically different from them. They will NEVER hope that a foreigner did it for whatever reason because they only see the worst possible evil in people with which they disagree politically.

They want a political victory even if it means pulling for their fellow Americans to kill other Americans.

The same thing happens with gay marriage, abortion, etc. The very worst people in the world to them are their fellow Americans, who believe differently than they. The people, who actually execute homosexuals and stone women, are just poor, misunderstood victims of American aggression.

'Please don't be a Muslim.'

- Savannah Gutrie, NBC News

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