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15 April 2013

Congressman Rush Dons A Hoodie To Demand The Term 'Illegal Immigrant' Be Banned

bobby rush hoodie

Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) has introduced a resolution on the House floor that would prevent members from using the term “illegal immigrant.”

The Hill reported:

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) has introduced a resolution that calls on members of the House to stop referring to “undocumented foreign nationals” as “illegal” immigrants.  His proposal, H.Res. 155, expresses the “necessity” for members of the House to use the term “undocumented” instead of “illegal” when referring to “foreign nationals which are working in the United States without proper documentation.”  Rush’s resolution was proposed shortly after The Associated Press news service said it would no longer use the term “illegal immigrant.” According to the AP, “illegal” should be used to describe an action, not a person.

How about a ban on Congresscritters wearing hoodies on the House floor?

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