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12 February 2013

The Depraved, Ghoulish Left Cheers On Dorner As Shootout Continues...Dead? Time To Riot?

Former Rhode Island State Representative, Dan Gordon, has been in and out of Massachusetts jail cells since 1999 & has been charged more than 12 times in 13 years.

And, he doesn't like to be reminded of it!

"Chris, keep your integrity and training at the forefront. Sight alignment, sight picture. Breathe and squeeze."  

Moron of the Day:

@Billz_I_Am: Chris Dorner is single handedly saving black history month #TeamDorner
Courtney Marie ‏@TheCourtMarie

Officers are down , chris isn't ! #TeamDorner #TeamDorner #TeamDorner #TeamDorner #TeamDorner #TeamDorner #TeamDorner #TeamDorner
    Yaya. (@YayaIsNovacaine) February 12, 2013

Dorner shooting at cops ;D #teamdorner—

    Cody (@cschwartz99) February 12, 2013

#teamdorner RT @BreakingNews: Fugitive former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner exchanges gunfire with authorities in Big Bear area—

    Nicky Piscitelli (@stick2st) February 12, 2013

@stick2st ill be so pissed if they kill him im tryna see him off everyone he listed in his manifesto—

Evan (@EvAn2sT) February 12, 2013

@EvAn2sT if they do get him im tryna see him go out wit a bang—

    Nicky Piscitelli (@stick2st) February 12, 2013

Go!!!! Down fighting… Chirs DoRnEr…. #teAmdoRner—

    N3wkiidOnthABlocC (@iitweetTHATreAl) February 12, 2013

Dorner trying to kill everything he gunned doown two more officer lmfaoooo—

    All Eyez On Me (@DamarioBrown) February 12, 2013

    EL $UCIØ☠E$CØBAR (@YGmateen) February 12, 2013

LAPD is getting EXACTLY what they deserve & nobody is sympathizing a damn bit with them. #TeamDorner—

    Lightskin Lisa (@LadyCyprus316) February 12, 2013

Fucc the police 💥💥🔫 #TeamDorner—

    The Foundation (@ChiefOfThaHurst) February 12, 2013

I hope he escapes! #TeamDorner #Yeaisaidit—
    Marvin Jaime (@Siegel31) February 12, 2013

He's already shot and wounded 2 policemen tonight! #TeamDorner—

    Michael Maloney (@michaelmalonski) February 12, 2013

I Support Christopher Dorner …. #TeamDorner—
    King of Minnesota (@Jack_Napier_) February 12, 2013

#TeamDorner …. Let's Go …. Keep Running and Shooting, Black Man … Don't go Down without a Fight—
    King of Minnesota (@Jack_Napier_) February 12, 2013

Yall respect the one that got shot, I respect the shooter. #TeamDorner—
    Smash Adams (@ChefBoyarDON) February 12, 2013

I hope he doesn't get caught either. RT @iSweatOutweaveR: Am I wrong for wanting Dorner to not get caught.—
    Chancellor Williams (@theycallmehovjr) February 12, 2013

I hope this n!gga Chris Dorner escapes.—
    Arabian Prince (@curly_headphuk) February 12, 2013

I hope dorner don't never get caught lol—
    Reggie (@Shakez843) February 12, 2013

I hope Dorner shoots these n!ggas down and keeps on going, if you gonna go on a kill streak better put numbers up—

    Token (@Ivan_splash) February 12, 2013

How could you not be #TeamDorner
    He's a black super hero only targeting cops—


Gatsby (@jozefxk) February 12, 2013

I hope dorner kills as many corrupt cops a possible—
    †IG CavalleyCocaine (@PearlaCaValley) February 12, 2013

i hope christopher dorner kills all of those cops. he's the man.—
    Nick Caswell (@BasedMazelTov) February 12, 2013

Chris Dorner is in a shootout with the Lapd they found him and so far he has shot 2 cops I hope Dorner kills them…—
    Petey Bouras (@peteyb978) February 12, 2013

I hope they never catch Dorner, and I hope he keeps killing & exposing you crooked ass cops!✌—
    MammaSkunksss'♥ (@FattySkunksss) February 12, 2013

I hope Christopher Dorner gets the crooked cops. #justsayin—
    Brenda Ramos (@oc_b22) February 12, 2013

I could less about these cop pigs…run Dorner run 🏃🏃—
    Hatshepsut (@blackdahlia_305) February 12, 2013

HahaaaaahaRT"@jessedank3000: Chris Dorner is the dude . Keep killin cops n get out the country . Show them pigs for what they really are ."—
    K-IDontCare (@KTHEKING740) February 12, 2013

#allfacts RT @TheHalesReport: Dorner cant give up, he gotta kill a few more pigs—

    TALK TO ME NICE (@KING_KILLA757) February 12, 2013

Keep going Dorner! Take more pigs! #dorner—
    Adam Mayes (@theREASON666) February 12, 2013

I hope #Dorner takes out more pigs. Period!! #FTP—

    k.c.✩ (@_la_sola_) February 12, 2013

Don't give up dorner. You got more pigs to lay down.—

    thomas young jr (@foreverTyoung) February 12, 2013

Please take as many pigs wit you before they kill you Dorner!!!!!!!—

    ✊Malik Martin (@supaSIGMA) February 12, 2013

This Dorner case is now like some action Hollywood movie. A good cop went rogue n shii, I just hope he drops more murderous pigs.—

Blackness Master (@Abdulrahym) February 12, 2013

I hope Dorner takes out at least 5 more pigs before they shoot him—

Reppin AZ (@GWOPS1) February 12, 2013

Made the mistake of searching for #TeamDorner on Twitter. I don't want to live on this planet any more.—
    Mike Thompson (@vansau) February 12, 2013

Update:  CBS2: One deputy who was shot in the exchange of gunfire has died.

Update #2:  CBS LA just said that Dorner supporters have shown up in Big Bear with signs. Unreal. — John Ekdahl, Jr. (@JohnEkdahl) February 12, 2013

#DornerBBQ .@joeychins: This guys standing up against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by himself just to clear his name. God bless. #TeamDorner


"Authorities are concerned fire is diversion for Dorner escape" HAAA yes #TeamDorner


#DornerBBQ FTW! RT@jozefxk: How could you not be #TeamDorner He's a black super hero only targeting cops


I'm sorry if you against Chris Dorner , but I'm not . They did em wrong so he doing them wrong 10x worst don't mess w em #TeamDorner

C A L I F O R N I A @TiyDollaSign 

#TeamDorner more power to him for exposing the police corruption. They did him dirty and want us to believe he's a monster. SMH


#TeamDorner Words cannot express how much I love this hashtag.

James Cornell@jerms_cernell

#TeamDorner "@amerikus_: Ionno why im rooting for Dorner but i am.!"

The Blunt Pearla@VillardBoss

@YeahItsOpe come on dude. I'm for #TeamDorner. I'm hoping he's escaped because he's planned this for yrs. I bet he had a tunnel in cabin

Black man executed in front of everyone and burned to death : a.k.a lynching #TeamDorner @IAmChrisDorner modern day #lynching

  Kalic Chambers@papaogunlives 

#TeamDorner more power to him for exposing the police corruption. They did him dirty and want us to believe he's a monster. SMH

 Jack Flash Is Dead?@realjackflash 

RT @M0NEyiS_kiANAk RT @ChasinBenFrankk: Ahahahaha now they saying he got away from the cabin #TeamDorner

 Unitd States of Tara@SweetzNStiletoz

I believe an innocent man will go to all lenths to prove himself innocent for dignity, honor, code, truth #teamdorner


Call me crazy BUT.... #TeamDorner ! You go boy . Killing isn't cool though..

Suzanne SugerBaker @TanLineShawty

dont raise a shooter if you dont wanna get shot #teamdorner
R A D H A@raaadhaa

Lol ME TOO! #TeamDorner@MAC_n_Cheeese: @iFlossyK and I'm prayin to baby Jesus that he ain't! 😩🙏”

Flossy Da JuiceMan@iFlossyK 

#DornerWeBelieve #TeamDorner #BlackPunisher The ultimate anti-hero, if you wish for peace then prepare for war.


Although he handled it the wrong way Chris was on to something. The #LAPD needs to be reformed! #teamdorner #dorner

Ashely @ATLdiva69

Your heart may have stopped, but your sense of justice lives on through #TeamDorner

Magical Girl Haiders@HaidersBHayden

#TeamPalestine is pulling for Dorner.  Who's surprised?

I wonder if LA will riot if they kill him. #Dorner
Joseph Solis (@TheAverageJ0E) February 13, 2013

Dorner will die a martyr and LA will riot.. #dorner #cnn #lapd
(@Streamlyne) February 13, 2013

they pulled the helicopters out of there; trying to hold back images that could cause riots. half of LA rooting for #ChrisDorner
MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) February 12, 2013

So they pulled helicopters away to prevent any footage from being seen that would incite a riot. L.A. is always down for a riot. #Dorner
Rob Cortez (@robcortez) February 13, 2013

Anybody else think LA is long overdue for another riot? #Dorner
Wesly Peterson (@mytweetsgodumb) February 13, 2013

@mytweetsgodumb U got the supplies lol. This nigga #Dorner is #prepared
Richard Hopkins III (@intellectUup) February 13, 2013

@mytweetsgodumb broooooooo I been thinkin it for a minute
Richard Hopkins III (@intellectUup) February 13, 2013

If they kill #Dorner LA should riot. I'm tryna come up 💰💰💰💰✌
TROUBLE (@TheHurtClothing) February 13, 2013

@DankAssOG: If #Dorner gets caught, I'm starting a riot.” Im with you, FUCK DA PIGSSSS. Corrupted muthafuckaz
Mrs Scott Mescudi (@hljahsiek) February 13, 2013

Imma start a RIOT. #Dorner
808's (@Voila_Jade) February 13, 2013

Maybe la should start burnin down every police station in la #Dorner #LAPD #RIOT
Ab0m1nable_An0n (@PiThrower) February 13, 2013

Call me ignorant but I sympathize for Dorner! Won't be long before he have local militia supporting him.! LA will riot!
‎High Class‎ (@MissTyne) February 13, 2013

Chris Dorner is going to be in the history. There is probably going to be a riot.
T*S*O*V* (@TylerSovereign) February 13, 2013

If Dorner is killed, and all LA cops are in Big Bear, what's to stop an LA riot by Dorner's followers?
 Publius Papers (@PubliusPapers1) February 13, 2013

One of the REAL victims.

@IAmChrisDorner: R.I.P to myself #TeamDorner "Stand for something or Fall for anything
 Carlos Torres :)@Torres_Ct11

They set that cabin on fire and let it burn to the grown! #TeamDorner they had no intentions on arresting him
Hakuna Matata@OfficialDBK

RIP to a REAL gangsta Christopher Dorner #TeamDorner... hope you got a chance to call Charlie Sheen....…
︻╦╤─ Yp™@PaulGoesHard  

Geez I go to practice and come home to this terriable news... RIP to the big homie Christopher Dorner! #TeamDorner

i think that the news is lying to us about chris dorner being dead. he is still alive #TeamDorner
tim thang@prestothang  

Read Chris Dorner's 14 page manifesto... #TeamDorner #RIPDorner
Sami سامي@YaBoySami  

He's the hero we deserve... but not the one we need right now... he is... the dark knight... #TeamDorner 
Logan Hood@Nebula_Fields

I refuse to believe #ChrisDorner is dead. Its a #LAPD cover up to make it seem like they werent out smarted by one black man. #teamdorner
Elliott Smith@radiantthings  

Them white guys just mad cause a black guy out smarted them & made them look dumb as hell in their own city. ha #teamdorner #myboy
Kenya Swaulo @_MinamahalEva


Cheer up, loons, Chris Brown is still alive and awaiting your homages. 

4 cops dead and I ain't even mad at him. #TeamDorner

6VISIX (@Ajocks_) February 13, 2013

I hope and pray that they walk into the cabin and can't find dorners body anywhere. #TeamDorner
Phil T. Rich (@AnthonyKolle) February 13, 2013

Long Live #ChristopherDorner #Fuck #LAPD #FuckEmAll #TeamDorner #police in LA put a #Gun in my Face For… 
Justus Shabazz Allah (@BlackJusthe1) February 13, 2013

Charred body found in cabin did not match the size of #ChrisDorner. One Officer & Car still unaccounted for. #TeamDorner #HeAintDead 
Elliott Smith (@radiantthings) February 13, 2013


Stephany Anaya⚓ (@BIGPapiStephh) February 13, 2013

I refuse to believe #ChrisDorner is dead. Its a #LAPD cover up to make it seem like they werent out smarted by one black man. #teamdorner 
Elliott Smith (@radiantthings) February 13, 2013

THAT'S RIGHT #TeamDorner #protectchrisdorner #fucklapd #fucktaskforce #protectchrisdorneratalltimes 

J O H N (@johnnyxHUF) February 13, 2013

#TeamDorner RT @myfoxdc: LAPD: No Body Found Or ID'd Inside Burned Cabin 
Pharaoh (@HeyYaddaYadda) February 13, 2013

Dorner about to become the new Tupac……. "Nah… He ain't dead".
Unfuckwittable. (@MsReyda) February 13, 2013

Woooooo Chris Dorner ain't dead #teamdorner 

Doonie Three (@Greeneyes3) February 13, 2013

Say what you want about #Dorner, the most wanted man in the country is evading capture like a G.

John Brown (@Jbezzydasnowman) February 13, 2013

I really hope that dorner is still alive. Just to prove that the lapd are desperate to cover shit up

Kyle Lewis (@fuckyouitskyle) February 13, 2013


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