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14 February 2013

Jay Carney, Spokesliar

@repjustinamash Sir - whole point of sequester, as u know, was to avoid it, BECAUSE it's devastating. Need to pass balanced buy-down. 
Jay Carney (EOP) (@PressSec) February 14, 2013

Er, no. Let's recall what President Obama told the editorial board of the Des Moines Register (it's on tape): 

“So when you combine the Bush tax cuts expiring, THE SEQUESTER IN PLACE, the commitment of both myself and my opponent — at least Governor Romney claims that he wants to reduce the deficit — but we’re going to be in a position where I believe in the first six months we are going to solve that big piece of business (deficit reduction)."

I know only one Jay Carney and he is a liar.

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