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14 February 2013

Obama's LoInFos Fail, AGAIN!

"60 is the new 50.  I love how the GOP have perverted democracy."

"Remember when getting more yes votes than no votes used to mean something in the senate.  me neither"

- triple, Breaking:  Hagel Filibustered - Barely, 14 February 2013

Do either of you even know the history of cloture?

It was the idea of a Progressive Democrat President, Woodrow Wilson.

Only 5 Presidents have ever had a filibuster-proof Senate for any length of time. They are:

1. Wilson (67 votes were needed)
2. FDR (67 votes were needed)
3. LBJ (67 votes were needed)
4. Carter (60 votes were needed)
5. Obama (60 votes were needed)

In 1975, the Democratic Senate majority, having achieved a net gain of four seats in the 1974 Senate elections to a strength of 61 (with an additional Independent caucusing with them for a total of 62), reduced the necessary supermajority to three-fifths (60 out of 100).

Of course, I’m completely UNSURPRISED that you are totally IGNORANT of the history of cloture. It is par for the course for Obama’s LoInFos.

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