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03 September 2012

Dems Out-Do Goebbels: Accuse Your Opponent Of Using "The Big Lie" While Using It To Make The Allegation

M2RB:  Tim McGraw, Gwyneth Paltrow & Leighton Meester

Losers lose, winners win;
Cheaters cheat, and singers sing;
Dreamers dream, cryers cry;
Fools believe, and Liars Lie.

"Not really Resist. Lying is a bad habit. When they announced it was mid-2008, and the majority of jobs, 2,000, were gone later that year. Really, lie better next time. "

TexasGal, Dems: We're Definitely Better Off, Kind Of,, 3 September 2012

No lying involved nor is any necessary, bee-yotch.

On 13 February 2008, candidate Barack Obama said this in Janesville, Wisconsin:

“I know that General Motors received some bad news yesterday, and I know how hard your Governor has fought to keep jobs in this plant. But I also know how much progress you’ve made – how many hybrids and fuel-efficient vehicles you’re churning out. AND, I BELIEVE THAT IF OUR GOVERNMENT IS THERE TO SUPPORT YOU, AND GIVE YOU THE ASSISTANCE YOU NEED TO RE-TOOL AND MAKE THIS TRANSITION, THIS PLANT WILL BE HERE FOR ANOTHER HUNDRED YEARS.  The question is not whether a clean energy economy is in our future, it’s where it will thrive. I want it to thrive right here in the United States of America; right here in Wisconsin; and that’s the future I’ll fight for as your President.”

In October 2008, Obama said this while in Janesville:

"As president, I will lead an effort to retool plants like the GM facility in Janesville so we can build the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow and create good-paying jobs in Wisconsin and all across America."

Ryan said this in his acceptance speech:

“President Barack Obama came to office during an economic crisis, as he has reminded us a time or two. Those were very tough days, and any fair measure of his record has to take that into account. My home state voted for President Obama. When he talked about change, many people liked the sound of it, especially in Janesville, where we were about to lose a major factory.

“A lot of guys I went to high school with worked at that GM plant. Right there at that plant, candidate Obama said: “I believe that if our government is there to support you … this plant will be here for another hundred years.” That’s what he said in 2008.

“Well, as it turned out, that plant didn’t last another year. It is locked up and empty to this day. And that’s how it is in so many towns today, where the recovery that was promised is nowhere in sight.”

Obama made his Janesville speech on 13 February 2008.

Obama was sworn in on 20 January 2009.

On 17 February 2009, Obama signed the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Stimulus Act of 2009 into law.

On 20 March 2009, the Obama administration loaned Solyndra $535 million so it wasn’t like they were not giving out money to companies for “green energy” projects.

Obama and his administration never “…support[ed] [the workers at the Janesville plant], and [gave them] the assistance [they] need[ed] to re-tool and make this transition…”

The plant closed on 23 April 2009.

The GM plant in Janesville is still closed and Gitmo is still open.


Flash forward to 2011, and the decision that government-owned GM made, on Obama's watch:

"General Motors Co. has committed to reopen its idled plant in Spring Hill, Tenn., and keep its shuttered assembly plant in Janesville on STANDBY STATUS. The commitment to the former Saturn plant in Tennessee was part of a contract settlement reached late last week between GM and the United Auto Workers union. SINCE THEY WERE SHUT DOWN IN 2009, BOTH THE JANESVILLE AND TENNESSEE PLANTS HAVE BEEN ON STANDBY STATUS, meaning they were not producing vehicles, but they were not completely shut down."

Here’s what, a Janesville paper, reported on 2 February 2009:
Full-size sport utility vehicle production has ended at the local General Motors plant, but medium-duty truck production is continuing—not starting—in Janesville.

And it likely will continue into May, when the lights finally go off in the facility that has been producing vehicles since 1923.

When GM officials announced last June that SUV production would cease in Janesville, they also said that medium-duty truck production would conclude by the end of 2009, or sooner if market conditions dictate.

What’s more, the administration actually did consider keeping the Janesville plant alive after it nationalized GM by commandeering the bankruptcy process. According to Shepardson’s story:

In June 2009, GM considered three sites to locate a small car: its Orion plant in Michigan; Janesville, Wis.; and a Spring Hill, Tenn., plant slated to close in November. GM picked Orion and later reopened Spring Hill.
Now why would Obama choose to close the only plant he had actively “suggested” he’d keep open? Could it possibly have something to do with the fact that it was in Ryan’s (Republican) hometown? Just askin…

Liars Lie - Lee Ann Womack

Last night, I went out, walkin'.
I could not believe my eyes
I could tell that she wasn't some stranger;
You held her a little too tight.
My heart stopped like it hit a freight train
You kissed her, and twisted the knife
Now you're tryin' to tell me she's nothin';
why should I be so surprised?

Losers lose, winners win;
Cheaters cheat, singers sing.
Dreamers dream, cryers cry;
Fools believe, and Liars Lie.

It'll take all I got to forgive you.
As sure as my heart starts to mend,
I'd find you somewhere with another.
You'd hurt me all over again.

Losers lose, winners win, cheaters cheat, and singers sing;
Dreamers dream, cheaters cheat, fools believe, and Liars Lie.

I should've known, I should've known, I should've known:
Someone like you-who can't be true-is bound to wrong.

Losers lose, winners win;
Cheaters cheat, and singers sing;
Dreamers dream, cryers cry;
Fools believe, and Liars Lie. 

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