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07 September 2012

Jobs Picture Comparison: January 2009 v. August 2012 -- Empty Suit Employment

M2RB:   Stone's "Empty Suit"

Empty suit, built on ice, one crack, end of lies
The flame is about to fade inside his little vacuum

Counting - years go by
Running - out of time
Shining - the shine will die
Fading - out of time



  Lowest labour force participation rate since September 1981.

This morning's jobs report for June was another abject, colossal, unmitigated, catastrophic disaster for the American economy, the millions of unemployed and underemployed, the college graduates hoping to embark upon a glowing career path, families, whose homes are underwater, and for one man, in particular, who has "focused like a laser beam" on one job: his.  That one man is President Barack Hussein Obama.

It has long been a very open secret that the Enron-style number-fudging that Señora Solis is doing over at the Department of Labour would land any of us in the private sector right next to Bernie Madoff R. Allen Stanford Jon Corzine.  At this rate, Hilda may need to spring Bernie from prison to accomplish her one job mission -- well, other than the one creating hotlines for illegal immigrants to call to learn about their "rights":  Getting Barack Obama reelected.  Yep, only Corzine can create those kinds of numbers.

Essentially, Obama is demanding Daniel Boulud turn cow patties into Araguani Chocolate Cremeux and that is "Ce n'est tout simplement pas possible.  Comprendre?"

Another 368,000 Americans just VANISHED from the labour force last month.  Poof!   The number of Americans employed fell by 119,000 

Job reports for June and July were revised lower. The June count fell from 64,000 to 45,000, while July’s number came in at 141,000 from an originally reported 163,000.

January 2009:  Not in labour force:  81,023 million 
August 2009:  Not in labour force:  88,921 million

The economy added 96,000 jobs, seasonally adjusted. -- about one-third of them were in temporary services and another third in low-paying service and food jobs. Whoop-dee-doo!

When discouraged workers are added, the unemployment rate rises to 15.0%.  When part-timers, who want full-time jobs, underemployed, jobseekers, discouraged, and dropouts are added to the U3, the real unemployment number is around 23.3%.   If we keep the participation rate at the level it was when Obama took office, then unemployment (U-3) is 11.4%.


Real Unemployment Is Around 23.3%

Hey!  Did someone say "War on Women"???  I've got ya a "War on Women."   Check it out:

In January 2009, the number of women employed was:  67.007m

In August 2012, the number of women employed was:  64.670m

In January 2009, the number of unemployed women was:  4.845m

In August 2012, the number of unemployed women was:  5.697m

The percentage change in the number of women employed between January 2009 and August 2012 has been a DECREASE of 3.488% .

The percentage change in the number of women unemployed between January 2009 and August 2012 has been an INCREASE of 17.585 %.

 "Our growth rate is measly [so what did you expect?]"

- Austan Goolsbee, former Obama economic adviser

Measly growth rate?  Yeah, I guess you could call it that.  **eyeroll**  But, can we at least get it to hurry up so that we can get rid of this imbecile?  Seriously.  Who in their bloody mind would hire and expand with Black Jesus (h/t David Axelrod) as CEO of the country?

Among the major worker groups:

Nationally, the U-3 rate for whites was 6.3%, a decrease from 6.5% in July.  The unemployment rate for adult white men dropped to 6.3% from 6.8% in July, for adult white women decreased from 7.4% in July to 6.9 % in August, and unemployment amongst white teenagers increased from, 21.5% to 22.8%.

Nationally, the U-3 rate for blacks is 14.5%, a decrease from 15.0% in July. The unemployment rate for adult black men dropped to 13.8% from 14.9 in Julyunemployment rate for black women increased to 13.2% -- up from 12.7% in July, and black teenaged unemployment increased to 38.8% - up from  38.1% in July.

Nationally, the U-3 rate for Hispanics was 10.1% for August, a decrease from 10.3% in July.  The unemployment rate for adult Hispanic men dropped to 8.1% from 8.2% in July, unemployment rate for Hispanic women decreased to 10.3% (10.5% in July), and the Hispanic teenage unemployment rate stands at 29.0%.
The unemployment rate for Asians 5.9%, an decrease from 6.2% in July.

There were 2.116 million more workers suffering long-term unemployment of 27 weeks or more in August, 2012, than when Obama started “working to put the middle class back to work” in February, 2009.

02.09: 2.917 million

07.12: 5.033 million

That’s a 72.54% increase in the number of Americans, who have been unemployed for an average of 27 weeks or more.

BUT, the unemployment rate for government workers went from 5.6% in July, 2012, to 5.1% in August, 2012.

Good news, good news, good news! /s

Who will rid us of this meddlesome priest?

OK, onto the business of the day.....

I ran the numbers comparing January, 2009, to August, 2012:

Civilian non-institution population:  234.739m
Civilian labour force:  153.716m
Employed:  142.099m
Employment-population ratio: 61.3
Unemployed:  11.616m
Not in labour force:  81.023m
Not in the labour force, but who want a job now:  5.62m
Part-time, but want full-time job:  8.038m
Participation Rate:  65.5%
Average Weeks Unemployed:  19.8
Unemployment rate:  7.6% 

August 2012:

Civilian non-institutional population:  243.566 m
Civilian labour force:  154.645m
Employed:  142.101m
Employment-population ratio:   58.3
Unemployed:  12.544m
Not in labour force:  88.921m
Not in the labour force, but who want a job now:  6.929m
Part-time, but want full-time job:  10.538m
Participation rate:  63.5%
Average Weeks Unemployed:  39.2
Unemployment rate:  8.1%

Percentage Change:

Civilian non-institutional population:  +3.76% increase
Civilian labour force:  +0.604% increase
Employed:  +0.001 % increase
Employment-population ratio:  -4.894% decrease
Unemployed:   +7.989% increase
Not in labour force:   +9.748% increase
Not in the labour force, but who want a job now:   +23.292% increase
Part-time, but want full-time job:   +31.102% increase
Participation rate:  -3.053% decrease
Average Weeks Unemployed:  +97.98% increase
Unemployment rate:  +6.579% increase

"the economy is turning around and you can't stand it. "

- treasonous repubs, The Latest Jobs Report Falls Short, Yet Again,, 7 September 2012

GDP by Quarter:


1. U.S. manufacturing shrank at its sharpest clip in more than three years in August while U.S. construction spending in July fell by the most in a year, new reports showed on Tuesday.

2. The Institute for Supply Management said its index of national factory activity fell to 49.6 in August from 49.8 in July.

3. The reading fell shy of the 50.0 median estimate in a Reuters poll of economists. A reading below 50 indicates contraction.

4. The ISM index’s employment component fell to 51.6, the lowest since November 2009, from 52.0 in July.

5. New orders, a forward-looking sub-index, fell to 47.1 in August, the worst showing since April of 2009. It stood at 48 in July.

6. U.S. construction spending fell in July from June by the largest amount in a year, weighed down by a big drop in spending on home improvement projects.

7. The Commerce Department says construction spending declined 0.9 percent in July. It followed three months of gains driven by increases in home and apartment construction. New home construction rose again in July, but spending on home renovation projects fell by 5.5 percent.

8.  And, we just fell to 7th from 5th place last year on economic competitiveness.

Will update will more, so cheque back. 

Empty Suit - Stone

A teenager is trying not to show the real him
Mysterious guys are the coolest ones
Won't look at even the best friends in the eyes
Scared of a thought, they could see through

Many years later he still is just pretending
Hiding something he has never found
Locked up from inside and the key is thrown away
Stranger to himself, lost inside

Counting - years go by
Running - out of time
Shining - the shine will die
Fading - out of time

Black and white is all he sees,
Colours, they are missing
Life is sometimes shades of grey butColours he can never feel again

Behind the wall, thoughts of grey,
one change, mind's decay
Empty suit, built on ice, one crack, end of lies

The goal line was crossed before he even got to start
Never knew when the time was right
Tried to hurry in everyplace, but
never got there in time
Now it's too late, the show is sold out

The flame is about to fade inside his little vacuum
No one will give him a hand
No one will hear him through

Counting - years go by
Running - out of time
Shining - the shine will die
Fading - out of time

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