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04 March 2013

'Toon of the Day: We've Established What You Are...And We Aren't Haggling About The Price Either.

Politics...the world's second oldest profession.  At least the first is practised by professionals with consenting adults and it doesn't matter if they think Guam might capsize or 500 million Americans a month will lose their jobs...

And, for the 51% of Americans, who put these idiots in charge of their healthcare, finances, education, property rights, civil liberties, etc, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!  What a bunch of bloody dummkopfs!

For siccing them on me, luv, just know that Alan Grayson is so terribly, terribly wrong.  I don't want you to "die quickly."  I want you to die very, very slowly...and in the most agonisingly painful way.  May your nights of excruciation be long and may the hearse arrive early in the 'morn to take you to the embalmers.  Don't despair; however, you'll still be able to vote for all of your favourite Democrats.

Big kiss!

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