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11 March 2013

Memory Lane: Noted Climate Change Crusader Has A/C Window Unit Installed On His SUV/Limo To "Beat The Heat"


Members of Mayor Bloomberg's security detail work on installing an air-conditioning unit in the window of a black Chevy Suburban

No, it is not a picture from The Onion, Leno or Letterman.

From June, 2012:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is flaunting his green agenda after last week's heat wave.

In an effort to keep the mayor's SUVs cool and environmentally friendly, members of his security detail fitted them for standard home air-conditioning units on Tuesday at New York's City Hall, according to the New York Post. If the experiment gets Bloomberg's final approval, the units will be plugged in using extension cords as the vehicles sit unused for extended periods of time. The practice would cause less pollution than using the vehicles' AC on an idling engine,said mayoral spokesman Stu Loeser.

"This is an experiment to be used on extremely hot days like the types we saw last week," Loeser told the Post. "Even with the vehicles parked in the shade, the temperatures inside can quickly rise to more than 100 degrees."

The mayor's green solution comes almost three years after his Chevy Suburbans were repeatedly spotted idling longer than his own anti-idling policy allowed -- sometimes for up to an hour. Bloomberg had previously tightened the law, allowing vehicles to idle for no longer than three minutes. His SUVs, however, are considered emergency vehicles and are exempt from the law.

"Those of us that want to leave a good life for our children, and want to have clean air for us to breathe, and clean water to drink... it's incumbent on us to really carry the fight," Bloomberg said at the 2009 bill signing.

In May, WABC exposed the mayor violating curfew at New York City's East 34th Street heliport 16 times. The curfew has been in place for more than a decade in order to protect residents from excessive noise and the helicopters' exhaust.

Officials told the Post that the mayor, his security and communications equipment must stay cool when a heat wave sends temperatures into the 90s. Installing the AC units appears to be the most efficient way to accomplish this. "There is far less emissions corresponding to the power of a single air conditioner on the grid than idling a V-8 engine," Loeser noted.


Just remember this the next time that Nanny Doomberg talks about knowing what is best for you.

He's a bloody hypocrite and control freak!

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