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13 March 2013

Brayam-ing at the Moon and Magically Finding a Socialist Pope



"Well what do you expect, the new pope has complained about the “unfair distribution of goods”. A textbook socialist refrain."

- brayam on March 13, 2013 at 10:31 PM

Not really. Just like the Left overlooks “THE LOVE OF” part in the love of money is the root of all evil” and claims that money is the root of all evil, you are overlooking the word “UNJUST.”

That some are much more wealthier than others through their own labour is NOT UNJUST.

Did I find it UNJUST that Hugh Chavez, a tinpot, iron-fisted dicKtator, who called himself a “champion of the poor,” died with a personal fortune of $2 billion that he amassed by stealing from his own people?

You betcha!

Do I find it UNJUST that there are 85 BILLIONAIRES in the Chinese Communist Party, which is NOTORIOUSLY corrupt, engages in systematic human rights abuses, cares nothing about the welfare of the “workers,” and routinely crush the “voices of the oppressed people”?

You betcha!

Do I find it UNJUST that the Castro brothers are each worth over a billion dollars and enjoy healthcare that the people they rule over in the Glorious Workers’ Paradise known as “Cuba” could only dream of obtaining while living on less than $30 a month?

You betcha!

Pope Francis was a member of Comunione e Liberazione, which is specifically anti-Marxist and anti-secular. He turned away from liberation theology early in his career.

You do realise that the left in Argentina hate him and describe him as positively “medieval,” don’t you?

Pope Francis is not a Socialist.  He is very much against the ancien régime that existed in Latin America in the form of the caudillos and the elected kleptocracies that prevail in the region today where tinpot thugs and their families, friends, associates, and supporters make out like banditos while everyone else barely ekes out a survival.

Caring about the poor does not make one a Socialist.  Calling for an end to the unjust distribution of wealth because it has been amassed through tyranny, corruption, intimidation, and theft does not make one a Socialist.  Taking the vow of poverty seriously does not make one a Socialist.


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