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04 January 2013

(European) Union Power!

Too dark: The heaps of rubbish at the flats in Colchester, Essex

Binmen have collected rubbish ONCE in EIGHT WEEKS.  Furious residents in Colchester, Essex, stepped in to demand the binmen take away the black bags, but they were stunned when the binmen told them that EU regulations mean they "can't put their hands where they can't see them for health and safety reasons."

Drats Rats!

PS:  The NHS does pay for eyeglasses, which these blind idiots obviously need, but the moral of this story is that neither the UK national government nor the local council in Colchester can do ANYTHING, apparently, to force the workers to do their jobs because labour rules are dictated by the pointy-headed, unelected apparatchiks in Brussels.  This is what happens when you cede your sovereignty to supranational organisations.



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