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17 September 2012

Obama: Blame It On Anyone But Me

M2RB:  Lars Larson

I blamed everyone, man.
I blamed everyone.
Both the father and son, 
I blamed everyone.
I thought being the President would be more fun.
I blamed everyone.

I blamed the economy, the policy, those that don't agree with me, the GOP...
Can't you see that this is a catastrophe?
Hannity, humanity, insanity, unemployment...
Let me just take a moment to blame more things not just my opponent.
I blamed everyone.


"And endlessly blaming everybody else for their (the Romney campaign's) failure."

- RT250, New Romney Ads Go Positive, Negative,, 17 September 2012

Have they started to blame Bush, the Bush tax cuts, the Japanese tsunami, the Arab Spring, the euro crisis, ATMs, airport kiosks, oil prices, corporate jet owners, rich fatcats, Afghanistan, Iran, Israeli settlements, Iraq, the deficit, the debt, Republican obstructionism, Blue Dog Democrats, BP, the financial crisis, Scott Brown's election, Greece, the Tea Party, political gridlock, too little government, too few taxes, the debt debate, Standard & Poor's, wealthy people who want to keep what they earned, oil companies, Ireland, some car that won't get out of the ditch, cliffs, Slurpees, Portugal, Midwest heatwaves, ice storms in Tennessee and Kentucky, hurricanes, health care costs, too little government investment in subsidised green energy, math errors, millionaires and billionaires, Wall Street, hedge fund managers, the unfairness of the debt limit law, "man-caused disasters," Congress' unwillingness to spend more on Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious stimulus programmes, people who holiday in Las Vegas, the American form of government, people who won't eat their peas, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, "enemies," Fox News, bitterclingers, and YouTube videos yet?

Once they do, then I'll know they have been studying the Master of Blame, President Obama, the Blamer-in-Chief.

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