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11 August 2012

The Dems Have A New Magazine: Dems' Epic Smears

By Superkommissar Maksim

The Party™ plans to remedy this with a new magazine that will deliver a full spectrum of korrekt information about Romney to the oppressed masses - and much more! That's not to say that the NYT, WaPo, NBC, CBC, ABC, and CNN are not doing a fine job of this already, but an extra $3 contribution to Obama's campaign will not hurt. And this is exactly how much you must pay in order to get the first issue absolutely free!!!

Inside you will find:

- Drugs-and-sex-crazed GOP convention
- Dependent-of-the-Month centerfold
- Capitalist vampires living on virgin blood
- Cher: Ghost of Republican Sonny Bono is forcing me to have a baby
- Lead story - Mitt Romney's Nazi torture cult: only a woman's screams can make him smile.

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