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03 April 2015

You Lost Me At...#MemoriesPizza

A truly Righteous Rant by my friend, Dread Pirate Cates:


For years, I have supported LGBTers and fought for them, including having to withstand the inundation of claims that I was naive by many of my friends on the Right. In many respects, they were right.  After the last two weeks, I must say that I've had it...and, as an Atheist, this isn't about my religious sensitivities or 'sincerely-held beliefs.'

'You can still support them. Just call out the radicals trying to grab all the attention with stunts like this.'

- Dread Pirate Cates

LGBTs run the gamut like any other group. We can't lay the extremism of some on all of them as difficult as it may be.

- Brad The Impaler @BEBolly71

True, but they need to corral their Fascists. Until then...


!If they can't stand up for the rights of believers - and, like I said, I'm not one - then why the hell should I stand up for them?

I mean, here's the deal: Are there some Christians that would support jailing or killing gays? Yes, a very small minority, but do the O'Connors seem like those kind of people? Hell no. If the Tolerant Left weren't Fascists, they'd have just said something like 'Bless their hearts' and moved on.

For the record, I actually know some atheists that would support jailing or killing gays. They also support insane things like 'government-installed bedroom cams'.  They're nuts.

If you needed any more proof that this isn't about gay rights and discrimination, consider the crickets that you hear from the Left about this, which goes quite well along with my Great News, LGBTers! Muslims To Outnumber Christians In 50 Years! post from yesterday:

I mean, sure, it is much easier to descend upon a couple of placid Christians in the middle of Indiana and set out to destroy them over a ThoughtCrime (Crystal O'Connor merely offered her opinion on a hypothetical. Even though she has had the right for the entirety of the 9 years she and her husband have been in business to REFUSE TO SERVE gay people for ANY REASON because sexual orientation hasn't been a protected class under Indiana state law, she hasn't nor has her business ever been asked to provide pizzas for a gay wedding) than it is a couple of Muslims in Dearbornistan that may cut your head off because you blasphemed their Prophet Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him, in some cartoon.

Seriously, peeps, you certainly prove your fearlessness and courageousness by picking on the people, who turn the other cheek, instead of those that will tell you to turn the other cheek so that they can finish separating your head from your Atlas-like shoulders. Not.

You see, we understand what you are trying to do. You want to take away the power that you perceive white Christians have because they are the oppressors and give it to the oppressed. It's a power grab. As long as you can enlist the support of minority groups that may not share your extreme beliefs, you'll put up with their discrimination of women, gays, other religious or non-religious groups, etc, but, my dear, eventually they will have the power.

And, how is that going to work our for ya?

You see, dudes, criticising Islamic countries for their treatment of gays, women, liberal bloggers, etc, is criticising Islam because their constitutions are based on Islamic law. Thus, if you criticise them because they execute gays, which is permitted under their constitutions - which are, again, based on Islamic law - YOU. ARE. AN. ISLAMOPHOBE. because you are criticising Islam!

Upset? Feel disabused? Think that you've fallen down a civil rights and social justice rabbit hole?

Then, welcome to the club, pal!  My heart's BLEEDING for ya!

Salon wrote, after Memories Pizza was forced to close due to death threats, that it was 'Getting Exactly What It Deserved'.

I doubt this was what they had in mind (at 4:39 PM):

The Left is soooo BUTTHURT there are now Memories Pizza Troofers!


PS: Yes, of course, I know that not all LGBTers are fanatical, insane Fascists.  There are some like this lady:

She's fantastic. So is Tammy Bruce

But, here's my problem: It's getting harder and harder to be civil and take a 'Can't we all get along?' - 'Live and let live' approach when the other side, the victors so far in this Cultural Revolution, are not content to do either and are now shooting the wounded on the battlefield.  'Torture' for confessed enemies of America is bad, but complete annihilation of fellow Americans, who merely hold different views, is fine with this crew.

I'm struggling here.

I often say:

Islam is the Religion of Peace...and some Muslims will kill you to prove it.

Now, we're moving into:

The American Left is peaceful and tolerant...and some of them will seek to destroy, bankrupt, burn, and kill you to prove it.

Frankly, the Left has a lot in common with the Fascist theocracies they pretend to loathe. Well, you know, Fascist theocracies that aren't America 'cuz, like, um, ya know, the conservatives and libertarians in the United States are like the Islamic State and the Taliban or something.

I can't wait for the steel-cage match between the Westboro 'Baptist' Church and the Westboro 'Tolerance' Church!

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Brian in the Desert said...

I am a Christian man. You are an atheist man. The lady who contributed the $20 is a homosexual. We are all Americans and that should count for something. Your choices are yours to make as are mine. We each live with the consequences which is as it should be. But in no case should I or anyone else be allowed to dictate how another should believe or speak. I may deplore another's choices, but I must, if I am to remain a free American, defend their right to make those choices.

The effort to harm those people in Indiana is appalling. I am very happy that it has backfired so spectacularly and I commend those who contributed to make it so.

Russell Miller said...

Thank you for this post, it is nice to see that there is some decency in this argument. I'm a Christian, I believe in gay rights, I also believe in religious freedom, but most importantly, I believe in civility, kindness, and empathy. I have seen so little in this debate that I have pretty much broke ties with the left and won't even call myself "left leaning" anymore. I'm done.

I enjoyed the links you posted. Keep up the good work.