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04 April 2015

#FabulousFascists To #MemoriesPizza: Donate That Money To #LGBT Causes!

Consider this your 'Trigger Warning'

LOLZ, you can't make this shit up!

As we approach Easter Sunday, we’re calling on you, O’Connor family, to do what Jesus H. Christ asks of all true Christians and share your blessings with others by donating the nearly three quarters of a million dollars raised on your behalf to charity. 
On the eve of such an important Christian holiday, we would be remiss not to remind you of the greatest commandment Jesus taught us: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” (Matthew 22:39). Mr. O’Connor, you said yourself in an interview with the Daily Beast that you “don’t have a problem with gay people.” We implore you to put your money where your mouth is, and donate all the funds — every penny — to a human rights or pro-LGBT organization in your area. (Perhaps this handy map of LGBT organizations across America published by the American Family Association will help you locate one.) 
As today is Good Friday, we also find it pertinent to point out that your accepting this money for yourselves would be in line with Judas’s accepting silver to betray Jesus Christ. God bless. 
Your friends at Queerty

Jesus H Christ is right!

It's like: 'Yes, I killed my parents and your entire family, but you should feel sorry for me and give me all of the donations that you've received because I'm an orphan on death row! And don't forget the insurance proceeds either.'

At this point, I wouldn't care if the O'Connors took the money and blew it all on coke and shots of tequila at El Squid Roe in Cabo.


There is some weapons-grade, industrial-sized BUTTHURT going on...

...and, it's the most bloody beautiful thing that I have witnessed in aeons. 

The Left needs to stock up on some ButtButter.

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I can't wait for the #FabulousFascists from the Westboro Tolerance Church to start holding signs that say: 

'God Hates Christians' 

I have a friend working on a pic modelled after those carried by the loons from the Westboro 'Baptist' Church for me. Maybe from the Gay Pride Parade in the Castro District? Snicker.


Anonymous said...

Someone tweeted this to Michelle Malkin. You are totally awesome! Thanks. lineholder

Anonymous said...

And it's tax free. Lol


Coastal Radiance Lighting said...

I think the word butthurt signifies a homophobic microaggression and you should report immediately to your nearest Rainbow Camp for tolerance adjustment. Also give gheys all your money.

Anonymous said...

Wolly, the tax-free thing, I wouldn't assume that. They need to check with a tax accountant or lawyer to be sure. If it's not, the IRS will hammer them if they don't pay up.