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02 April 2015

Great News, LGBTers! Muslims To Outnumber Christians In 50 Years!

'Welcome to the Tehran Pizza Hut!'
- Dave Burge a/k/a Iowahawk

All pizzas to be made using nuclear power in the near future!

New report:

That should work out well for 'Queer Jesus' followers and their gay friends when they go to a Muslim pizza joint and demand the owners cater their weddings!

New Rasmussen poll: 70% agree that a Christian should have to the right to refuse a service that violates his religious beliefs.

Because Rasmussen Reports won't likely be in existence during the Next Nirvana where the world is Muslim-Majority, we'll look into the Zogby crystal ball:

New Zogby Poll in April 2065: 70% agree that a Muslim should have the right to rip out his trusty-rusty scimitar and saw off the head of any person that insults the Prophet Mohammed, May Peace Be Upon Him, or a homosexual that demands a Muslim photographer work his gay wedding.

But, hey!, at least you won't have that many Christians to kick around and out of business anymore! 


LGBTers, don't say you weren't warned...

#Stonewall (pun intended) from private Islamic school that receives $6 million in taxpayer funds per year:

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