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11 March 2014

The Senate's Answer To The House's Hank "Tippin' Guam" Johnson?

Cory Booker says he 'drove to Hawaii' as a teenager

- 11 March 2014

Remind me to tell you about my roadtrip to Mars with Cheech and Chong one day.

Choomin' on a Sunday afternoon.
Really couldn't get away too soon. 
I can't imagine anything that's better. 
The world is ours whenever we're together.  

All those happy people we could meet
Just choomin' on a Sunday afternoon
Really, couldn't get away too soon

Choomin' on a Sunday afternoon
Really couldn't get away to soon
No, No, No, No

Anyhoo, do ya think Booker waved at Obama when the latter was riding the intercontinental railroad?

Update:  Yesterday, a reader told me that he had once heard about a group of terrorists that attempted to hijack a bus to Cuba!  lolz


1 comment:

doriangrey said...

Of course he drove to Hawaii, right after doing 10 bong hit's of lovely... Worst part of that trip... Was he came home a forget his car in Hawaii...