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30 August 2013

Dems & Syria: Hawk Nose On; Dove Nose Off

Playing 'Old & Busted' And 'New Hotness' With Democrats, Including An Undocumented One, Over Syria

Old & Busted:

New Hotness:

'The future of Syria must be determined by its people, but President Bashar al-Assad is standing in their way.  His calls for dialogue and reform have rung hollow while he is imprisoning, torturing and slaughtering his own people.  We have consistently said that President Assad must lead a democratic transition or get out of the way. He has not led. For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside.'

- President Barack Obama, 18 August 2013

Old & Busted:

‘Assad is a man of his word who has been very generous with me. Syria will move; Syria will change as it embraces a legitimate relationship with the United States. Syria can play a critical role in bringing peace and stability if it makes the strategic decision to do so.’

- Secretary of State John Kerry, 16 March 2011

New Hotness:

‘History would judge us all extraordinarily harshly if we turned a blind eye to a dictator’s (Assad’s) wanton use of weapons of mass destruction against all warnings, against all common understanding of decency.’

- Secretary of State John Kerry, 30 August 2013

Old & Busted:

‘Assad is a reformer.’

- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, March 2011

New Hotness:

‘Assad must go. The sooner the better for everyone concerned. There has to be a timeline. It can’t go on indefinitely.’

- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 1 April 2012

Old & Busted:

‘We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace.’

- Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, 2007

New Hotness:

‘It is clear that the American people are weary of war. However, Assad gassing his own people is an issue of our national security, regional stability and global security. We must act.’

- Not-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, 28 August 2013

Old & Busted:

‘President Assad has been very generous with me in terms of the discussions we have had. President Barack Obama’s administration considers Syria a key player in Washington’s efforts to revive the stalled Middle East peace process. Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region. Both the United States and Syria have a very deep interest… in having a very frank exchange on any differences (and) agreements that we have about the possibilities of peace in this region. I asked President Assad to do certain things to build the relationship with the United States and sort of show the good faith that would help us to move the process forward.’

- Senator John Kerry, 2009 

New Hotness: 

‘Assad's a thug and a murderer.'

- Secretary of State John Kerry, August 2013

Old & Busted:

‘Bush must obtain both the approval of both Congress and the United Nations before he uses military force…(to carry out his illegal wars of choice).’

- The New York Times, 2003 

New Hotness: 

- The New York Times, 28 August 2013

Reincarnated Moonbat:

‘President Al-Assad is highly beloved and appreciated by the Syrians, whom I met.’ 

- Congressman Dennis Kucinich 

Senile Moonbat, whose ‘old man smell’ is more powerful than his critical thinking skills:

‘President Assad is very popular in his own country.’ 

– President Jimmy Carter, who has had, BUT OF COURSE, a ‘close, personal relationship’ with the Assad family for three decades 

Sheer Moonbattery: 

‘[As soon as possible upon his arrival], we should ask Her Majesty, the Queen, to bestow a knighthood on President Bashar al-Assad with ‘as much pomp and ceremony as possible.’ 

- Prime Minister Tony Blair, 2002

Old & Busted: 

‘Let’s bomb Syria!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

Older & Flat-Busted: 

‘Let’s bomb Libya!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

Even Older & Psychotic: 

‘Let’s bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

Older Than That & T1ts’ Up: 

‘Let’s bomb Iraq!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

Dirt-Old & Roadkill: 

‘Let’s bomb Afghanistan!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

Ancient & Pushing Up Daisies: 

‘Let’s bomb Somalia and Yemen!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

Iron-Aged & Demented: 

‘Let’s bomb Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Kosovo!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

Old Than The Wheel & Rocking A Potted-Plant IQ: 

‘Let’s bomb Iraq and Kuwait!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

Bronze-Aged & Clusterfarked: 

‘Let’s bomb Nicaragua!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona

 Adam & Eve Still Haven’t Eaten The Apple & Everyone Loves A Snake:

‘Let’s bomb Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos…just as soon as I crash my 5th plane!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

Older Than The God Particle & FUBAR’d: 

‘Let’s bomb the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, Cuba, and the entire Eastern Bloc at the same time!’ 

- Senator Senile of Arizona 

New Hotness: 

Senator Senile, to placate your ‘Bomb, bomb, bomb, anything!’ itch, how about you start with one of your 7 houses?

- Sophie

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1 comment:

James Butler said...

You are so bilabially delicious, MO...
Pointing out such ill, evils and deception of Senator Senile...
This post reminded me of Dr. Funk... I wonder where that brilliant lawyer is these days.
When you Lawyers say stuff like this I like to lick your brain.... What Brilliant minds and work...
I also like how you seem to be on the side of Biblical Isaiah. You really don't care what the masses think of you or your words.
You Just whisper the God's reminders to the Remnants... The ones who will have to come back and build this God's earth after the Detroit-like annihilation of the western civilization... We seem to already be there...

Aristotle was right, with the barbarians at the gate, Tolerance is the last Virtue of a Dying Civilization...