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18 June 2013

Postcards From Syria (Photo Essay)



Sure.  Just like you did after the Shah, Saddam, Mubarak, and Qaddafi. /

While it is a heartbreaking situation, we must, must, must say 'NO!' to Syria.  The United States has no national interest that demands we intervene in a religious civil war where we would back people that HATE us and affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.  We also do not need to be involved in the 21st century's equivalent of the Spanish Civil War.  Our involvement could easily set off a regional or even global war against the Russians and Iranians.  While we would be wasting blood and treasure, China would focus on its economy and overtake us as we borrow more money for it to pay for a war in which we had no business involving ourselves.

Stay out of Syria.

Let Allah sort it out.


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roger u said...

If I have to pick a side, I would choose Assad. He, at least, protects the Christian.

James Butler said...

IN the ME and around the world, armed the Christians, Jews, Buddahs, Brahmas, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Coptics, etc and let them defend themselves, as Israel does..
Let Allah sort out Islam's internal issues... Daniel's Dream...
the US other than Israel should help out the Christians, Jews, Hindus and other minorities in ME and Africa. Not the radicals shias and soonys...
Let Allah sort it out.