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17 July 2013

Pic of the Day: Just Go In Peace, Already! I'm D-O-N-E.


First Baptist Church of University Park, CHICAGO

 White people are NOT running around killing you, idiots.

You know what, Princesses and Princesses?  Please take Akon's advice...

Go and seek your Utopia in Nigeria or Zimbabwe.

Hopefully, you won't get eaten or your children burned alive at school or church by Boko Haram, which your clueless God claims isn't really responsible for anything. 

You go forth into the Land of Milk, Honey, and the Religion of Pieces!

I'm SO sick and tired of your whining.

Oh, one more thing...

Let me introduce you to Anthony Johnson, the man, who one the case in North America that legally-sanctioned slavery:

'White privilege'?

Forget it.

'White guilt'? 

 I’ve never had any…and I never will. 

I have never owned a slave. 

I have never used the n-word. 

I don’t hate you. 

I don’t discriminate against you. 

I don’t want you dead.

I’m just sick and tired of being told that I am responsible for the condition and faults of others of any colour or class. I’m not nor will I take responsibility for either.

I want you to succeed and prosper. 

If you’re expecting anything more from me than I give to white people, then you are expecting something that WILL. NEVER. EVER. HAPPEN.


If you want something more from me, I suggest that you take Akon’s advice, sweet princes and princesses.

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