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16 July 2013

No Blacks On The Jury? Well, Blame FOXophobia!*pSmnrpQhPn6E-vyf1Du0qAxo86bKbzZJcr/634146060855655075FauxNews.jpg?width=737&height=552

Meme bites Left.

From Noel Sheppard:

George Zimmerman haters throughout the media have carped and whined about the fact that there weren’t any African-Americans on the jury despite the law requiring the accused to be judged by his peers NOT the victim.

On CNN Newsroom Tuesday, it was revealed that a potential black juror had been struck by the prosecution for committing the crime of being a Fox News watcher.

Video here.

From the CNN transcript:

CAROL COSTELLO, HOST: So Mark, do Trayvon Martin's parents you think, I mean, when they look at the jury makeup and they look at the decision that jury came to, do they say why didn't we have an African-American on the jury? Why did we have six white women?

MARK NEJAME, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: And that's what we were saying from the beginning. You know, sometimes I've been criticized by some who don't understand that a legal opinion is very different than a personal, a social, or a philosophical opinion. When you look at the composition of Seminole County, it's eleven percent African-American. And when you look at Sanford, it’s 30 percent African-American. So when you subtract Sanford from the overall Seminole County, you have, you know, a very, very small minority, specifically African-American representation within Seminole County. So when in fact you condense that down to a jury, the odds of getting an African-American on the jury are very slim when you're in Seminole County.

COSTELLO: Although if I remember correctly one of the prosecutors struck a black, a potential black juror from the jury.

MICHAEL SKOLNICK, POLITICAL DIRECTOR TO RUSSELL SIMMONS, CO-PRESIDENT GLOBALGRIND.COM: Yeah, he was also, I was just, he was also a Fox News watcher. So that was, you know, problematic for the prosecution.

If you think that Michael Skolnick is a George Zimmerman fan, think again.  Not only is he Russell Simmons' political director, he's also on the Board of Directors of the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

The man in question was juror B35. Quote:

Later described by television commentators as an African-American man, he said that he watches the national FOX station for his news information. In particular he said he watched Hannity at night, sometimes also O’Reilly—later he referred to them as “Shaun” and “Bill.”

He expressed resentment that the whole affair had been made into a “racial thing.” He also recalled hearing that Zimmerman had “chased Martin down.” He emphasized again that maybe both Zimmerman and Martin were at the “wrong place at the wrong time,” and that he didn’t think it was racially motivated. He recalled that NBC had tampered with the recording of Zimmerman’s non-emergency call to police to make it sound as if Zimmerman, rather than the police, had been concerned with Martin’s race.

He said he did not approve of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Jr. “saber rattling”. He recalled the TV news saying that Zimmerman claimed he was screaming for his life, and that Zimmerman claims he was returning to his truck when Martin attacked him. B35 noted that all his friends and family are pro-Martin, and that he’s alone in not yet forming an opinion. He also spoke of recalling seeing pictures taken at the jail of Zimmerman’s head injuries. “When I saw the scars, I thought he got a pretty good beating, that it was a rough fight.”

He also recalled seeing the photos of Trayvon as a young boy. When questioned by West, B35 said that he “can count on one hand the number of people he knows who have not yet made up their mind,” and that he thought that the people who believed that Martin was killed simply for “walking while being black” were wrong.

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