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11 June 2013

'George W Obama' Is Rehabilitating 'Bushitler'

In polls released Tuesday, Gallup indicates that the ground has been moving whilst we have been exposed to Obama's 'Another Day, Another Scandal' Administration.  According to Gallup, George W Bush is now viewed favourably by 49% of Americans with 46% disapproving of him.  That, in and of itself, is a dramatic shift, but there's more:  George W Bush now has higher favourable ratings than Barack Obama, who has the approval of 47% of Americans with 44% disapproving of him.


Not only is this the first time since 2005 that Bush has had higher favourable than unfavourable ratings, it also marks the first time that Bush has a higher approval rating than Barack Obama.

While Obama’s approval numbers might not be taking that big of a hit over these scandals and snooping, Americans may be reevaluating Bush through the prism of Obama, especially with his continuation and expansion of much of the Bush WOT apparatus that they were told by Democrats like Obama back then were the very worst things possible and his failure to 'bring about prosperity for the many instead of the few,' as he promised.

Or, maybe, President Passerby, who doesn't appear to know what is going on inside his own government and always attempts to direct the bull to stop anywhere other than at his desk in the Oval Office, has just worn on Americans' last nerve.  That shouldn't be a surprise.  After all, the 'Blame Bush' mantra has become most tiresome.  Of course, the fact that the laws of politics are eventually starting to mangle 'Teh Won,' who has heretofore defied them, is a surprise in many ways.  For one, it proves that not even a sycophantic media can indefinitely pump up an American President...regardless of how hard they try.

Just musing here, but Obama, who ran as Candidate Anti-Bush in 2008 (and even in 2012) may actually be rehabilitating his predecessor against his own best interest, intentions, and without even realising that he has become Shrub's best defence.

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