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13 June 2013

Bill Maher: 'Awful, Ghastly, Horrible Liberal'

By PZ Myers

Anyone else remember when Rush Limbaugh called President Clinton’s daughter Chelsea a dog?

It wasn’t just petty and cruel, but it was an attack on a child, and it was disgusting. It was symptomatic of the derangement of the right wing that people actually laughed and defended it.

Futrell didn’t think he’d hear the HBO personality mock former Gov. Sarah Palin’s special needs child or hear the crowd laugh right along.  Futrell, a former Las Vegas sports broadcaster and Breitbart News contributor, says on his blog that Maher used the term "retarded" to describe young Trig Palin during the comedy performance.

The one thing I can respect about Palin, that she seems to treat all of her children equally, is a joke to Maher. Thanks, guy, for being such an awful, ghastly, horrible liberal, and for lowering yourself to mocking the children of your political opponents.

(via Joe.My.God)

PZ Myers is an atheist, scientist, and Progressive, who has made a name for himself in the non-theist and freethought movement.

Here is a piece written by the heckler, Ron Futrell, explaining 'Why I Heckled Bill Maher.'   

Ron Futrell is a Las Vegas-based journalist who has spent more than 30 years in local TV news in a variety of markets. As a sports reporter he has interviewed virtually every major sports star, as a news reporter he has interviewed everybody from Mitt Romney to George Soros.

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