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25 May 2013

Woolwich Slaughter Backlash: 'Evidently, We Must Tolerate The Intolerant Infidel, Who Couldn't Take A Decapi!'

By James Delingpole

OK so which would you say is the worse crime?

a) killing an unarmed man with meat cleavers in a London street and then trying to slice his head off?

b) describing the alleged killers as “of Muslim appearance” on BBC news?

Call me old-fashioned but I would have gone for a). Which just goes to show how badly out of tune with the times I am because the correct answer is in fact b). I know so because I checked on Twitter.

Sure there were one or two reactionary old farts like me coming up with the usual hysterical guff about how barbaric and awful and shocking it was. But the clever Tweeters knew straight away what the real problem was.

It was that bloody Nick Robinson, that’s who was really to blame for all this. He’d actually gone on to BBC news and used the phrase – “of Muslim appearance.” Which as any half-way educated person could tell you is about as inflammatory and wrong as you can get.

For a start, how can anyone be “of Muslim appearance”? It’s a religion, damn it, not a race, which embraces everyone from dark-skinned Africans in Nigeria to oriental-looking islanders in Indonesia to pallid Caucasian types in Chechnya. (I’m not sure whether any of these sophisticated Tweeters went into such detail but they could have done, I’ll bet. Probably they’ve got a really good degree in Cultural Relativism studies at SOAS – or similar – because they’re not ignorant these kids. Fuck no! They went to Bali and Kathmandu in their gap year)

And for another thing, what an outrageous assumption to make when the facts of the case were still unknown! I mean, OK, sure, there’d been eyewitness reports of the men yelling “Allahu Akbar” as they went about their business; and, all right, there was video footage of one of the men telling passers-by “We swear by the mighty Allah we will never stop fighting until you leave us alone.”

Even so, that’s still no reason for Robinson to have jumped to the conclusion that this crime had anything whatsoever to do with the men’s religion. Or perceived religion. What if they were in fact Christians or Buddhists or atheists trying to give the religion of peace a bad name? Or, supposing for a moment they were Muslims, how do we know had their faith had anything to do with the killing? And even if it did, why draw attention to it? Like, when a Christian murders somebody, does his religion get mentioned? What about Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper: he said he heard the voice of God in his head telling him to do it – but no one ever mentions his crime as a Christian crime, do they?

On occasions like this I really do feel a bit of an intellectual lightweight, I must say. There am I, stuck in the fuddy-duddy mindset where you see a 25-year old father of a one year old boy being hacked to death with meat cleavers on a busy London street and all you can do is respond with the gut feeling that “This is wrong. This is totally wrong!”

Whereas if I were a bit younger, less reactionary and I’d had a proper educational grounding somewhere serious like the LSE, what I would have realised is that you just can’t judge things like this at face value. Sure, there’s a temptation to dwell on what a terrible way to go it must have been for that poor young man; to think about what his family must be going through – his wife and mother especially, who will surely be re-living his imagined death every day from now on till they die; to get quite angry, even, about the perverted political values and warped mindset that led to this barbaric act – and also about the cultural relativism that helped make it possible. But succumbing to this temptation would, of course, be a serious mistake.

No, if you’re a truly enlightened citizen of the modern world, the correct way to respond is the way all those sophisticated intellectual types on Twitter did. You recognise straightaway that the horror of the murder is just a distraction from the real issue. The real issue being, of course, that this regrettable event was the sadly inevitable consequence of Britain’s racism, intolerance and Islamophobia – as demonstrated by Nick Robinson’s bigoted, ignorant and inflammatory use of that reprehensible “of Muslim appearance” comment on BBC news for which he has since, quite correctly, apologised.

Until, as a society, we learn to face up to our collective responsibility for Drummer Lee Rigby’s death, young men like Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale ought to have every right to go on drawing attention to this rampant injustice in whatever way they deem fit. It is frankly outrageous that in order to make their point they had to resort to the blunt instrument of execution by motor vehicle and butcher’s knife. A truly considerate society would have made public funds available for them to afford some properly functioning automatic weaponry. That way these gallant, oppressed freedom fighters could have made their vibrant and refreshingly direct contribution to our national debate with a lot less fuss and a lot less mess – perhaps preventing the disgraceful public overreaction we have witnessed over the last couple of days, everywhere from the hateful, violent racist English Defence League to the hardcore, fascist right-wing BBC.


Now, here, is what the media really misses here.  While the media is so anxious to lump all religions into one and say, 'Muslims are no different than Christians.'  Well, if you want to talk that way, let's say it this way: Crazy Christians are no difference from Crazy Muslims.  How's that?  

Anyone, who wants to kill, but there is a difference between a Crazy Christian than a Non-Crazy Christian and there's a difference between a Crazy Muslim and a Non-Crazy Crazy Muslim.  And there appears to be more Crazy Muslims than Crazy Christians.  What do you say that we together against the Crazy Christian, Crazy Muslims, Crazy Jews, Crazy Buddhists?  CRAZY is the operative word here.

They THINK that it might be an act of terror.  What was it?  Was it a trip to the soda shoppe?  What it a possible tailour accident.  He had his shears out.  He was just gonna trim some thread around the guy's next .  Is that what it was?  Is there another possibility?  Or, maybe, there was a YouTube video.

This was clearly a terrorist attack by cold-hearted, Crazy Muslims.  Period. 

Now, if you agree with me that the Greatest Generation would never have done that.  That's the difference.  What's the difference between the Greatest Generation and our generation? 

1.  There didn't have wussified leaders all of over the world.  They didn't have girls for leaders.  And, no offence to women, I mean, girls.  I swear to you the leaders we have on this planet make a brownie troop look like Seals.

Why don't you get your little girl underpants off and put some man pants on and tell the American People and the world the truth? 

The truth is terror exists.  Terror is a tactic.  And, who is using that tactic?  Well, I tell you...a few people.  The main group that is using this tactic is crazy-assed Muslims...and that's what needs to be said.

'Now, we going to look into this..."

What do you need to look into?   The guy had a butcher knife, blood on his hands, and was screaming 'Allahu Akbar!"  What more do you need, Sherlock?

2. There was one individual who stood up.  ONE.  It was a woman, which is why I said no offence to women earlier.  It was a WOMAN THAT STOOP UP!   In fact, she didn't just stand up.  She first had to stand up on the bus, pull the little string so that the bell would ring to stop the bus on which she was riding so she got off the buss because she saw blood in the streets.  She looked around at all of the sheep directly being led to slaughter and walked up to the guy with the blood on his hands and asked 'What the Hell is going on?"

She thought it was an accident and then she realised that he just killed him.

'So,' she said, 'what isn't that you want?'

This woman approached him, confronted him.  She then looked back at the crowd with contempt and disgust.

Do you know what made her stand up in the bus?

Her Christian belief. 

She's a Catholic.

Her Christian belief.  

When she found out that it wasn't an accident, why did she pursue him?  Because she said that there were children there and it would be better for something to happen to her than to a child.

Where were the rest of the sheep?

Here's the difference between us and the Greatest Generation:  The Greatest Generation had leaders and in the Greatest Generation we had God.  

There were things that were bigger than us.  There were things worth living for.  Things worth dying for.  

What are those things left dying for?  What are those things worth standing for anymore?  Your job, your car, your house?  How many of us will sit down to 'save' our children? 

I don't want my children to live in a world like that. 

It is no life to doom our children to a life run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is NO Life!

You are leaving a life to be run by crazy-assed Muslims, if you don't wake up and start telling the truth.  We are being co-opted.  We are being taught. 

Do you really think that anyone would have allowed this to happen in the Greatest Generation?  The men would have looked at one another and said 'Get him!'  You don't do it on your own, but they weren't alone.

Why do you think these people are so bold?  

You have been taught to be silent. 

What are the difference between the 4 aeroplanes that crashed on 9/11?  The first three thought that it was a hi-jacking and they thought that they would live.  They didn't think that anyone was crazy enough to fly them into a building.  

The fourth plane, because they had information, they knew and Todd Beamer stood up and said"

'It's better to go down fighting, then go down like sheep.  We're gonna save people.' And so, they rushed and they lost.  But, we remember their names.  I will never forget, I will never forget "Todd Beamer's name.'   I will never forget 'Let's Roll!'  And, I am ashamed to say that I will never forget the Sheep in the streets of London.

Choose YOU today.


Who do YOU serve?


Choose today: Life or Death?


Choose today:  What is the future you want your children to live under?


Freedom:  Freedom where, yes, there are times where we can be divisive, or death?


Submit or die.


As for me and my family,  I chose God.


What choice will you make?

This Beck snippet is part of a bigger piece that I am doing.  Watch for it.  I think that you'll like it.


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