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09 January 2013

The Post Turtle's Post Turtle Cabinet

John Kerry for Secretary of State:  

'Cuz Benedict Arnold was unavailable.  Besides, Kerry served in Vietnam, doncha know?

Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defence:  

'Cuz Neville Chamberlain was unavailable.  Besides, Hagel, too, served in Vietnam, doncha know?

Eric Holder to remain as Attorney General: 

'Cuz he did such a great job in the past 4 years!   Besides, he knows where the bodies are, not the hundreds of dead Mexicans or 2 dead Federal agents or thousands killed because of gun control laws.

John Brennan for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency:  

'Cuz Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau and Austin Powers both turned down the job.

Jack Lew for Secretary of the Treasury:  

'Cuz Paul Krugman and Robert Mugabe were unavailable and we absolutely need someone to plan for that space alien invasion.

Vice-Post Turtle Biden.  Vice PT Barnum Biden.

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