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08 January 2013

Remember: It's Already Happened Here!

"Fascism will return to the United States not as right wing ideology but almost as a quasi-leftist ideology.” 

- Irving Louis Horowitz, radical left-wing sociologist, The Decomposition of Sociology,  1929 – 2012) was a radical, left-wing sociologist, Fulbright lecturer, author of more than 25 books and articles, and a Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University

Horowitz is partially correct. Fascism will return with a fervour – it has not really left since 1913 – but it won’t be because there has been a change in who is practising it. The First Fascist President of the United States WAS a Progressive.

BTW, Proggies, do not attempt to play the Sinclair Lewis- “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”-It Can’t Happen Here card with me. Read the damn book, an AUTHORISED edition. He NEVER wrote it.

On 2 January 1942 the Seattle-Star reported increasing restrictions for Japanese and others hailing from Axis nations. 

All Japanese-Americans were reclassified as "4C-enemy aliens." Japanese-Americans in the Army were disarmed and assigned to labor battalions; the Hawaii Territorial Guard and ROTC discharged 1,400 Japanese Americans.

On the U.S. mainland, President Franklin Roosevelt ordered 120,000 alien Japanese and Japanese Americans rounded up and placed in relocation camps "for their own safety."

“My parents decided to go home, go to Japan. So, I said, ‘No, I will not go with you, I'm going to stay right here.’  I disobeyed my parents. That morning, we heard over the radio that Pearl Harbor was attacked, bombed.  See, we were in a valley north of the University of Hawaii; we couldn't see Pearl Harbor.  So, we ran home, listened to the radio.  So, I was working at Pearl Harbor.  I was a contractor. The marines got me out, ‘You no longer work at any kind of installation.’  Pearl Harbor - next door was the Air Force.

We were told that, ‘You are am enemy of the state. Your class is 4C, ‘Enemy alien.’  So, you are not to work at any kind of installation.’ So, they gave us peck and shabble. We were inside on the island, digging trenches, watertanks - all defensive work.

Back in 41, we couldn't volunteer because we're ‘enemy alien.’  No matter what happened, we had to go on. We were at war."

- Don Seki, natural-born American

An 18 February 1942 article announcing that Japanese-American citizens, along with alien Japanese, will be evacauated to internment camps.


"I was born in Colton, California, which is sixty miles east of Los Angeles, in San Bernardino, Riverside, Redlands area. And we had a grocery store in Colton, my parents were barbers, and we ran a pool hall and a bathhouse, for the railroads that ran through the opposite city of Colton, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads. 

I finished my high school in Redlands, and in December we just had opened the store and I listened, heard on the radio that Franklin Roosevelt says that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor and I couldn't believe that happened. This affected us through the fact that, we had a curtailment that we could not travel within three miles of our area. We had to just stay home and do what we could, and then we had orders that we had to either, prepare to go to relocation centers, or, actually it's just a barbed wire fence all around the camp. It had guard towers on each corner, and machine guns were pointing in to camps. 

I volunteered for the Air Force in 1943. But my draft card says 4C. 4C was listed as enemy alien. Cause they wouldn't take me, so then when all of the campaign finally started, and the hundredth battalion was in such a good job, therefore President Roosevelt, crossed off the decree of 4C and classified it as first draftees, and so I was able to join the Army again, so I volunteered for the Air Force again. 1943, end of 44. I was called for duty, and I was on a train going east and came to this camp landing Florida. And I looked out, and I was looking for the airplane, and there was no airplanes in sight. No, this is the infantry. You are now in the infantry.

And President Roosevelt came to visit the camps, and the, all the Japanese soldiers, American soldiers, put them in a barracks, had machine guns around them, 'til the President left. Now, they're already in the Army, why should they do this. I figured this is my country, I'm an American, I should be allowed to join the Army. So therefore that's why I volunteered, to show my loyalty to the United States, this is, when my, kids, when I do have kids that grow up, at least they can be, looked up to, rather than downgraded as being a Jap. And I figured well, this will help to build our country up. Not only this for, Italians, Germans, they were, they didn't go to camps, but some of them did I hear.

So, in order to prove our loyalty, I volunteered into the service. And my parents said, just don't bring disgrace to the family. If you're gonna fight for your country, you fight for your country. But don't do anything, like, doing extra bombing things - or things that you shouldn't be doing. And, so respect your country, and everything will be all right. So, this is why we tried to do, to show our loyalty. This is America. I'm an American and I want to be respected as an American, even though I look like the enemy. But, this is what we tried to do."

- George T Sakato, Medal of Honour recipient

The words of Sakato's citation explain his heroic conduct on the frontlines in northern France in 1944 where he charged an enemy stronghold, then after taking command of his platoon, he led it in defence of the position:

Private George T. Sakato distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism in action on 29 October 1944, on hill 617 in the vicinity of Biffontaine, France. After his platoon had virtually destroyed two enemy defense lines, during which he personally killed five enemy soldiers and captured four, his unit was pinned down by heavy enemy fire. Disregarding the enemy fire, Private Sakato made a one-man rush that encouraged his platoon to charge and destroy the enemy strongpoint. While his platoon was reorganizing, he proved to be the inspiration of his squad in halting a counter-attack on the left flank during which his squad leader was killed. Taking charge of the squad, he continued his relentless tactics, using an enemy rifle and P-38 pistol to stop an organized enemy attack. During this entire action, he killed 12 and wounded two, personally captured four and assisted his platoon in taking 34 prisoners. By continuously ignoring enemy fire, and by his gallant courage and fighting spirit, he turned impending defeat into victory and helped his platoon complete its mission. Private Sakato's extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit on him, his unit, and the United States Army.

Irving Louis Horowitz and Liberal Fascism: The Elitists’ Vision of the World 


Anonymous said...

Do esplain...

Predictable-History said...

I will post a detailed explanation soon, but FDR **disarmed** 110,000 Japanese-Americans, along with thousands of Italian-Americans and German-Americans, before stealing their property and sending them to internment camps for the duration of WWII.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, so you're talking about Democrats being their old fascists self again...
Yes but this time, the first ones to perish are the poor, the needy, the broken, the feeble, the destitute and those who depend on Dems for survival... Even, even if all their plans does go without a hitch...
But as always The MIghty Lord's World and its events do not wait for ill and evil fascists and dems to get there... Nor God is anywhere on their side or in their plan, however mighty they might be...
As Abraham said to Lot, Hurry, take your children and loved ones and get out of Sodom and don't look back...