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06 December 2012

TANSTAAFL: You Cannot Have A Rolls-Royce Welfare State On A Chevy Chevette Hatchback Budget

M2RB:  Simon Curtis

Now I can wait to see you lose it all
You've placed your bets and he is gonna make you fall
I can't believe you're so delusional

Political Cartoons by Eric Allie

DOUBLE ALL TAX RATES and start taxing social security (regardless of additional income), medicare, medicaid, food stamps, Obamaphones, you name it.

The country voted for a European-style welfare state. Fine. It’s time that it got European-style tax rates to pay for it.  Here are some examples of what they pay:

* Denmark has the highest tax rate in the world with a 48.9% tax-to-GDP ratio.  In contrast, the US's ratio is 28.2%.  If Sandra Fluke decided to practise in Copenhagen, her marginal tax rate (based on Georgetown Law's average salaries after graduation) would be about 59.2%, in addition to a 1.5% church tax and a 25% VAT. 

* A senior level nurse in a London hospital earns approximately $49,000.  She will pay around $10,500 in income taxes, $6,039 in National Insurance  taxes, a 20% VAT, council taxes, and other assorted taxes…in an area where it is more expensive to live than in Manhattan or San Francisco.  

*  In Sweden, ALL income over $76,586.78 is taxed at 25%, but the average marginal tax rate is 57.77% due to the additional municipal, church and funeral taxes.  That doesn't include the 25% VAT.  On the bright side, Sweden is a cool place to die.  There are NO inheritance or estate taxes.  Also, if you live off of dividends/capital gains, you pay a 30% tax rate, but you don't have to pay municipal, funeral, or church taxes.  Warren Buffett's secretaries would pay a MUCH higher marginal tax rate in "Socialist Sweden" than she does in the allegedly "plutocrat-ruled" United States.


The “We can have all of this and get the ‘evil rich’ to pay for it” BS that Obama the Medicine Man sold to the country needs to be exposed for the cr@p that it is. Time to belly up to the bar and pay the tab. From now on, pay first, drink later.

It’s time that EVERYONE put some skin in the game… including Peggy Joseph and the Obamaphone woman.

If Americans want a big government, make them pay for it. We’ll see just how big of a government they really want. I suspect that we will find that they want a much smaller government once they are on the hook for the taxes needed to support it. Right now, they believe that they can have a free lunch and stick the “evil rich” with the tab. Unfortunately for the clueless, there aren’t enough “evil rich” people to pay for the lunch to which the moochers believe they are entitled.

The Bush tax cuts took 3 million low income Americans off of the tax rolls. How did they repay Republicans? By voting for Barack Obama and other Democrats. Make them start paying for that "Obama stash" and make 'em pay until it hurts.

For FY2012, the government spent $3.7956 trillion. Eliminating the Bush tax rates on the top 2% is estimated to bring in $80 billion, ceterus paribus.  Ending the Bush tax rates on the top 2% will pay for 7.69* days of Federal government spending.

$80 billion isn't chump change, but it is pretty miniscule when we are talking about trillion dollars deficits.  There is one FACT that all but the utter loons recognise:  


Unlike Greece, there's no Germany to bail us out.  We WILL collapse and it will happen sooner than you think.

In 2010, John Kitchen of the U.S. Treasury and Menzie Chinn of the University of Wisconsin published a study entitled "Financing U.S. Debt: Is There Enough Money in the World—and At What Cost?"   According to Kitchen and Chinn, by 2020, every penny of revenue received by the U.S. Treasury would be consumed by Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and debt service, which confirms what has been forecasted by the Congressional Budget Office, the Office of Management and Budget, and the non-partisan the Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform.   More frightening, the duo's research found that it would take 19% of the rest of the world's GDP to finance the Federal government should it continue on its present trajectory.  NINETEEN PERCENT OF EVERY DOLLAR EARNED BY EVERY OTHER CITIZEN OF THE WORLD!!!    For the momentary relief of the residents of "My Progressive Little Ponyland," Kitchen and Chinn did say that getting the rest of the world to spend 19% of its GDP buying United States debt was "do-able," BUT JUST LIKE "MY PROGRESSIVE LITTLE PONYLAND" IS NEVER GOING TO BECOME REALITY, THE WORLD SO TOTALLY ISN'T EVER GONNA BUY 19% OF OUR WORTHLESS PAPER EVERY YEAR FOR INFINITY.  NEVER. 

A future that presumes the rest of the planet will sink a fifth of its GDP into U.S. Treasuries is no future at all.  And, isn't it ironic that Progressives would even presume that they would?  America isn't so exceptional.  Remember?  So, why would the rest of the world bank with us and not, say, the BRICS?  The hypocrisy is stunning, too. Progs always say that we are 5% of the world's population, but use 25% of its resources, which, according to them, is a very bad, racist, oppressive, selfish, and mean thing to do.

Evidently, being 5% of the world's population and expecting the equivalent of the Coolies to build our modern-day railroads, which are known as Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, free college, subsidised housing, cradle-to-grave welfare, etc., by demanding that the rest of the world spend 19% OF THE GLOBAL GDP EVERY YEAR ON U.S. TREASURIES beginning in 2020 while we sit on our couches eating Krispy Kremes watching American Idol while our solar-panel-generated air conditioners are blasting away because "we are so trying to save the planet, man" is perfectly acceptable. 

"Just like we’ve tried [the Republicans'] plan, we’ve tried our plan, and it worked. That’s the difference.”

- President Barack Obama


Obama is referring to "Clinton's Plan."  He wants to return to "our plan" (Clinton/Democrats) because "it worked;" yet, Obama's plan is NOT Clinton's Plan. If he wants to truly return to Clinton's plan, fine. Let's return to the Clinton tax rates for EVERYONE and Clinton's SPENDING levels.

It seems to me that Obama and his fellow Social Justice, class warriors only want one part of the Clinton Plan equation and the one that will have the least impact on the most critical issue facing the country: our out-of-control spending that has resulted in a staggering national debt and more than $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

In the end, Obama's Plan isn't serious.  It's not about governing.  It's not about economics.  It's not about "math."  It's about spite, envy and hatred cloaked in the name of "fairness."

And, if there was any question about Obama's philosophy, it was answered in the Democratic debate that was moderated by Charlie Gibson. Gibson asked Obama if he would raise capital gains rates even though history has shown that revenue actually falls when CGRs are increased. Obama said that he would "for the purposes of fairness."

The reason for taxes is supposed to be to raise the funds to pay for the necessary functions of government, not to punish people. 

I don't think the government should be in the "fairness" business.  Obama does...even if it means LESS money for the government to spend.

Let's fly this fiscal cliff.  It's nothing compared to the coming DEBT WALL.

Me, Thelma.  You, Louise.

Delusional - Simon Curtis

Here's to all the people who've been trying to keep me down
Got their fingers in my collar trying to turn me all around
I find it so funny to hear how much they hate
Try to push me to the ground then say they love me to my face
Say what you mean and don't try to deceive me
I so want to believe it, yes I want to, yes I do
Say what you want and don't try to prolong it
If you want to so-long it, then I want you to, yes I do

I'm feeling all the heat, they're gonna hear my call
Now I can wait to see you lose it all
You've placed your bets and he is gonna make you fall
I can't believe you're so delusional

Now I know you're gonna try to say I stole this verse from Tim',
but there's a firestarter out there and I'm sure he stole from him
Don't say you love me then turn around and drop me
cause soon you're gonna want me and you know it's true, yes you do
Why don't you see him the way he really is?
cause soon you'll wanna leave him and I know it's true, yes I do

I'm feeling all the heat, they're gonna hear my call
Now I can wait to see you lose it all
You've placed your bets and he is gonna make you fall
I can't believe you're so delusional 

* [$3,795.6 / 365 = $10.4 billion;  80 / 10.4 = 7.69 days]

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Amen sister, I agree with you totally, if I gotta pay, everyone should pay....!!!.......;-)