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18 March 2016

The Clintons & 'The Confederacy'

President Bill Clinton awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to his mentor - AND STAUNCH SEGREGATIONIST - Senator J William Fulbright (AR), 5 May 1993

Pro-Bernie liberal group found itself in very hot water yesterday after it, the Progressive Democrats of America, wrote:


PDA has five Democrat Members of Congress on its advisory board, none are from the South: Rep. John Conyers (MI), Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ), Rep. Keith Ellison (MN) and Rep. Jim McGovern (MA). With that line up, I think that people are being far too generous by referring to the group as ‘Liberal’. It is not liberal, but rather illiberal. It is, by far, more Marxist-Leninist, Stalinist and Maoist than liberal.

It later apologised, but clearly got pissed when their apologies were not accepted by people like:

Peeps, we've been trying to tell you that the Democrats don't give a shit about you. They only want your vote.  Look around, who is in charge of your neighbourhoods and cities? Which party started a war on poverty in 1965 and 51 years later, the poverty rate is the same?  You'll also note that, unlike real wars, the Democrats have never demanded or presented an 'exit strategy'.

But to be fair, the Clintons' DO have a large, transparently clear, unambiguous. good, and successful relationship with 'The Confederacy'...

In the Democratic Party, you can be a Southern Governor like Billy Jeff and never take one act in your 12 years to remove the confederate flag from your capitol and sign Act 985 making the birthdays of Martin Luther King, Jr, the preeminent leader of the civil-rights movement, and Robert E Lee, the general who led the Confederate army, a state holiday - TO BE OBSERVED ON THE SAME DAYAND STILL GET ELECTED President of the United States of America. Then, as POTUS, you can award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a staunch segregationist like William J Fullbright.  Yes, you can!  And, you can do all of this and STILL be the putative first black President of the United States of America.

Why?  Because in the Democratic Party, the Bobby Byrds never cooooommmmmme hoooooommmmme tooooooooo rooooooooossssttttt!

Of course, if you are a Republican, don’t try this at home…or at the 100th birthday party of a former Democrat.  ‘Cuz, if you do, that would make you a RAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!

Then, there's this:

And, this:

2008: 'Heritage, NOT Hate'

2016: 'Heritage IS hate!'

Hell, if you're white, you have a duty to commit suicide because of your privilege!

It must be nice to be a Leftist. You can 'evolve' whenever you want. You can change your positions when the political winds change and never be called a 'hypocrite.' 

You can take millions from banks like Goldman-Sachs for 'speeches', but still call yourself a 'champion of the little guy or woman'. 

You can make the claim that 'businesses and corporations do not create jobs' (but the government does).

You can make the absurd claim and lie that 'Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism' after numerous Muslim-led terrorist attacks, including the Paris Massacre.

You can call African-American kids 'super predators', but still be the hero to black women like those, whose tweets I reposted above (read their Twitter accounts).

You can call yourself a feminist, who has fought for women's rights all of your life, even after leading the war on the women that your husband abused. 

You can state that you have been 'fighting for children' for decades, even after you questioned the mental stability of a 12 year-old rape victim and accused her of 'being older and more mature than her (young) years' and, basically, 'asking for it (with her '12-going-on-30' come hither behaviour and looks). 

You can state that all sexual abuse 'victims' (including those like Tawana Brawley and convicted murderer, Crystal Gail Magnum) 'have a right to be heard...have a right to be believed' even though you did everything that you could possibly do to destroy the lives of women like Juanita Brodderick, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, etc. 

You can support campus kangaroo courts that deprive male students due process and taking disciplinary action against them based hearsay, unsupported allegations, suppression of exculpatory evidence, a lack of any complaint filed by the victim with either campus or community police, and all on a civil law standard of 50+1%, preponderance of the evidence instead of a criminal law standard, beyond a reasonable doubt. 

You can cheer on Yale when it expels its men's basketball captain Jack Montague on alleged charges of sexual misconduct (even after his alleged 'victim' asked to return to his dorm room and spend the night...on the night that he supposedly 'raped' her; even after his 'victim' never reported the 'rape' to campus police or the local police; and, even after the 'victim' declined to file charges with the school and the charges leading to his expulsion were filed by a Title IX official at the school)...

Yet, you will silence ANYONE and never allow ANYONE to point to your own husband's alleged rape of a law student in the same university: Yale.

And, you and your cohorts will never explain why your husband left Oxford University, which he attended after receiving a scholarship from his racist, segregationist mentor, J. William Fulbright, even though Eileen Wellstone accused William Jefferson Clinton of sexually assaulting her at a pub near the British university in 1969...and, she has told and been willing to tell the story for the last 47 years.

You can look into the eyes of a jury and lie about a man, who you know to be a rapist (you even cackled about him and his polygraph!), while defaming a 12 year-old rape victim.

Hillary Clinton Cackles While Discussing Defence of Child Rapist

- The victim. The Daily Beast agreed to withhold her name out of concern for her privacy as a victim of sexual assault.

You can look into the camera on 60 Minutes and lie to the American people about your husband's 12 year-long affair with Gennifer Flowers.

You can go on the Today Show, look into the camera, and again lie to the American people blaming 'the vast right-wing conspiracy' for the inappropriate behaviour of your hound-dog husband.

You can look into the eyes of the families of three of those murdered in Benghazi, while standing over their coffins, and tell them that 'the person responsible will be punished...(that person being) the ('Islamophobic') filmmaker.'

You can set up your own unapproved, unsecured, and illegal 'homebrew' server over which you and your subordinates trafficked (as of this writing) TWO THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN (2,115) emails that have been determined to have contained, in whole or in part, classified information. Of the 2,115 emails containing 'classified information', 22 have been determined to have been soooooo top secret that the government has stated that even releasing REDACTED versions of them would constitute a 'grave national security risk.' Further, according to The Washington Post, 'officials have determined that material (Hillary Rodham Clinton, PERSONALLY) herself wrote in the body of the email messages is classified.' The number of emails that you wrote containing classified information is, at minimum, 104.

You can put the national security of the United States and the lives of Americans at grave risk ('but, but, but, no one died in Libya!!!11!!!!) because you are paranoid, self-interested, wish to deny Congress of its constitutional duty of oversight), seek to circumvent the Federal Records Act and Freedom of Information Act, believe you have a 'right' to keep public information from Americans and your 'enemies' (Republicans), consider yourself above the law, and, above all, have the firm opinion that YOU. ARE. ENTITLED. TO. THE. PRESIDENCY. OF. THE. UNITED. STATES. - the citizenry of those same United States and their safety be damned.

Yes, you can! And, you can do all of this and STILL become the first female President of the United States of America. Why? Because in the Democratic Party, YOU HAVE TO BREAK A FEW OF THOSE EGGS LAID BY THE CHICKENS COMING HOME TO ROOST IN ORDER TO MAKE A GOOD OMELET!

Of course, if you are a Republican, don’t try this at home…‘Cuz, if you do, that would make you a CCRRRIIIIMMMMIIINNAAAALLLLLL!

If the Left didn't have double standards, it would have no standards at all.


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