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20 November 2015

Pics of the Day: Er, President Obama, You Were Saying Something About The Syrian People...


Yeah, soooo, the Asshole-in-Chief has once again responded to the predictable results of his failure by lecturing the American people. We are racists. We are selfish. We aren't abiding by our own values and traditions. We aren't respecting 'universal values' (which do not exist...just look at how much religious freedom or freedom of speech exists in the Muslim world or China, for example). We aren't acting very 'Christian'. We are being downright mean and un-American.

Well, just exactly how much has President Obama done for the people of Syria whilst Assad dropped chemical bombs on them (other than draw and erase a red line) and ISIS chased, tortured, raped, and murdered them out of their homes?  Why does he get to care now when he quite obviously didn't much then?

Look at the picture above. Look at the one below. Look at the dates.  Yep.


So, let's just tell President Obama what he really needs to hear:

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