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16 November 2015

Glenn Beck, The Nazarene Fund, & The Rescue of Persecuted, Syrian Christians

The decapitated body of a small Christian girl murdered in Syria by ISIS

The name of the person who posted this last night is irrelevant since s/he is just the latest to make a snide comment about Glenn Beck and refugees. At least, s/he had the good sense to avoid foolishly mocking the man with teddy bears, endless crying, and hypochondria while making erroneous statements about Beck’s supposed positions. Alas, some others have not had such self-control.

'Isn’t Glenn Beck pretty much totally on board the drive to bring in “refugees”? (if I recall correctly, don’t listen to him)'

- xxxxxxx on November 15, 2015 at 10:44 PM

No, Glenn Beck doesn’t support bringing in every poor, oppressed, sad, lonely, sick, pitiful, etc, man, woman, child migrant, refugee, and immigrant. He didn’t want to keep the unaccompanied minors from Central America. He wanted them returned to their parents. He just thought that we could be Americans, grown-ups, people of faith, values, and principles, and treat the least amongst us with a bloody teddy bear. My fucking Allah, judging from the reactions of some of you, one might have thought that you confused citizenship papers with plush toy. 

Anyhoo, onward to the pressing issue of Beck’s alleged plan to smuggle in 4 million Syrian Muslims or something…

Here’s the deal. He is working with a multinational Christian group to rescue Syrian Christians that are being vetted by church officials, local authorities, and other agencies. The vetting process for each has been ongoing for months so they are doing what the EU and Obama are not even attempting. Tonnes of documentation must be produced and every avenue is being taken to verify authenticity. The priest, who verifies their identity, is the same one the baptised them, taught them, offered them communion, married them, etc.

At most, IIRC, he is talking about bringing 800-1000 Syrian Christians out of the country. They may not even be coming to the US although he has said that he would, personally, walk some across the border – AND DO THE PRISON TIMEbecause the Obama administration is denying refugee status disproportionately to Syrian Christians while opening the floodgates to Syrian Muslims.

One of the main parts of the group is from Canada, which is led by Johnny Moore, and I believe that the Vatican may also be involved. At least one UN agency is also helping although I’m unsure whether it is doing so ‘officially’. They also have former CIA and MI6 agents ON THE GROUND doing MOST of the heavy lifting when it comes to vetting.

- Me, 15 November 2015 at 10:59 PM

As I originally wrote last night, the groups initially planned to rescue less than 1,000 Christians from some of the most ancient villages in all of Christendom. Mercury One and The Nazarene Fund, however, have raised in excess of $11 million. Thus, if they can be assured of the authenticity of other individual Christian families, they may expatriate them, as well. It is all very hush-hush. The Christians are currently in hiding and former military (likely those with Special Ops experience or who have worked on the extraction plans with people like Marcus Luttrell, Tim Ballard, and others that work with Beck on projects) will have to undertake a dangerous mission to get them out safely. Once the vetting process has been completed, the Christians have to be secreted securely out of some of the most dangerous areas of Syria either over the border into Turkey or, perhaps, lifted to Israel. And, that’s just the beginning of the ordeal. If they are as lucky as absolutely possible, they MIGHT be able to rescue 2,000 Syrian Christians from certain death.

In World War II, Oskar Schindler saved 1,200 Jews from absolute death in the Holocaust. For this, he has been rightly honoured as one of the Righteous Among The Nations…not to mentioned memorialised by Stephen Spielberg and celebrated by Jews and non-Jews alike for his humanitarianism.

No one is suggesting that Glenn Beck should be referred to a present-day Oskar Schindler or one of the Righteous Among The Nations, but, my good people, what would you do? What would you have done in Schindler’s shoes? I bet nearly all of you can quote Niemöller’s poem and tell of the faith and heroism of Bonhoeffer. 

I also am willing to wager that a good many of you have all but convinced yourselves that you would have saved Schindler’s 1,200 Jews and more, written an even more emotive and evocative poem than Niemöller, and your tomes on faith, love, forgiveness, and the willingness – no, the requirement – to lay one’s life down for another will lead to decades of theologians pointing to your words as absolute proof of the Holy Ghost’s speaking through you.

If you are a Christian and you know that there is a little Christian girl in a hiding place in Syria (maybe an attic like that in which the Jewess Anne Frank hid or behind a false wall where many Jewish girls crouched, as they were guarded by another Righteous Among The Nations, Corrie Ten Boom) who – once found – will face a short, but terrible time being gang-raped before she is murdered. What would you do?

Last night, this news broke:

Everyone KNOWS what ISIS does to Christians. Barack Obama knows that these savages just don’t pick out some ‘random’ dudes to parade along a beach in Hillary Clinton Orange jumpsuits and decapitate. John Kerry knows that the bloody swaths that these barbarians have made through Christian communities aren’t ‘unbelievably small.’ They know. THEY. JUST. DO. NOT. FVCKING. CARE.

But this news that, literally (and not Joe Biden ‘literally’), broke minutes ago should just chap they cold-blooded arses:

Prime Minister of Slovakia, who has refused to accept on behalf of his people the EU’s quota of Muslim ‘refugees’, has just agreed to ACCEPT AN ENTIRE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY OF REFUGEES TO BE DELIVERED TO THE FORMER COMMUNIST COUNTRY BY THE NAZARENE FUND!!!

Listen, I don’t want ANY ‘Syrian refugees’ in Europe or here…at least in my strict sense of the world. But, I know that we are going to get some regardless of my feelings. I’d much rather invite in those that share cultural and traditional values and don’t have a religious animus against freedom and liberty. If we leave it up to Obama, Kerry, and McCain (remember, he SCREAMED at the Syrian Christians that came to the Capitol for 20 minutes while making kissy-faces with the Syrian representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood), we’ll have a Paris once a week.

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